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Even More Customers Benefit This Autumn With Anti-Condensation Glass From Cloudy2Clear Warrington

Alan Ball – Cloudy2Clear Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes & St Helens

More and more customers nationwide are taking advantage of  Cloudy2Clear’s Anti-Condensation Glass this autumn. Hot on the heels of reports from our Northampton branch comes news of customers in the Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes & St Helens areas enjoying the benefits of the C2C service.

When Mrs Pauls of Runcorn was sick of mopping up her windows every day in the autumn and winter she eventually turned to Cloudy2Clear. Alan Ball, the branch manager for the area, takes up the story;

‘When Mrs Pauls called us she was in despair. For the umpteenth year she was faced with months of mopping up after her windows in the morning. We popped along and gave her a quote so that she could test our Anti-Condensation Glass in one room and also quoted her for the rest of the house so that, once proved, she could budget ahead. Once we’d installed the glass for the first room she was on the phone within days, saying that not only was she amazed at the results (and at such little cost) but that she had noticed a significant improvement in room temperature too.  Over the next few weeks we have continuously upgraded her house to fit her budget so that now she has not only a condensation free house but a warmer one too.’

Do you have  a similar problem to Mrs Pauls or are your windows steamed up, broken or damaged? If so contact any of our nationwide branches by clicking here or give us a call for FREE on 0800 61 21 119 and your local manager will be happy to help.

Cloudy2Clear Northampton Mops Up Extra Customers With Anti-Condensation Glass

Trevor Skidmore - Cloudy2Clear Northampton

The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping and many people are now waking up to a problem that comes around at this time of year – that of condensation on the inside of their double glazing.  It’s an issue that can create real difficulties over and above unsightly water streaming down the inside of your windows as Cloudy2Clear Northampton branch manager Trevor Skidmore explains;

‘I’ve been to people’s houses where the internal condensation is that bad the water running from the glass is eating into their window sills and even their carpets causing damage running into hundreds of pounds. The effect is caused in the autumn and winter by condensation in the air hitting glass which is colder than the walls. This allows the water vapour to cool to a liquid overnight and this is what customers see in the morning. It’s not just your breath, many houses have a high humidity during the spring and summer but the temperature is higher so they don’t realise. It’s only when you get to October/November that the problem manifests itself and the glass is where it’s at it’s worst.’

As Cloudy2Clear only need to change the glass, leaving the existing frames in place, the cost is negligible in comparison to getting a quote from a double glazing company and Trevor is more than happy to change a small window or just the glass in one room to show homeowners the effect of the glass before they commit to anything more, ‘We recently did a job for Mr Coles in Northampton where we changed all the glass in his bedroom window to the new glass for a total cost of just £280 which included the materials, labour and a new 5 year guarantee. As is often the case, this was the worst effected room in the house, and Mr Coles wanted proof that the glass did what it said on the tin which is perfectly understandable. I had planned to contact him a few days later to see how he’d got on but he beat me to it!’

How did Mr Coles react? Trevor was delighted to receive the following message within days of the installation in the bedroom;

‘ Dear Trevor, I have to admit that at first I wasn’t convinced about you Anti-Condensation Glass until we tried it in the bedroom where we suffer terrible condensation in the mornings. I’m happy to report that, as promised, the new glass has, virtually in an instant, almost totally eliminated the problem and the worst we ever wake up to now is a tiny bead of water at the bottom of the glass. I’m really, really pleased. Can you please call round asap to measure up the rest of our bungalow. Thanks again, Mr Coles.’

Mr Coles now has windows which are condensation free thanks to Cloudy2Clear.  If, like him, you suffer from internal condensation and would like Trevor or any other of our branches nationwide to give your a FREE no-obligation quote then contact us by clicking here or give us a call on Freephone 0800 61 21 119 and your local manager will be more than happy to help.

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