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CLEARSPRAY has arrived in the North West!

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Since our inception in 2005 Cloudy2Clear have helped almost 250,000 customers save their windows by replacing the pane not the frame when the double glazed unit has failed. Now, we are taking this process one step further by introducing our new service CLEARSPRAY to ensure that customers can save their whole window whilst saving up to 80% of the cost of replacing both the frame and the pane.

Why Use Our CLEARSPRAY System?

UPVC will often maintain its strength but not its colour as the sunlight will fade it over time. Our CLEARSPRAY system will provide your existing frames with a protective barrier that will not only change the colour of your frames but it will also prolong their life.

The CLEARSPRAY system uses industry-leading paint that comes with a 10 Year Guarantee, we can spray both external and internal UPVC surfaces throughout your home in either a matt, satin or gloss finish, on ALL of the following UPVC surfaces:

  • Window Frames
  • Doors
  • Facias & Gutters

Spraying V Replacing

  • Save up to 80% of the cost of new frames
  • None of the internal upheaval such as potential building work and internal redecoration
  • Speed of service – an average 3 bedroom semi-detached house can be completed in 2 days.

Next Step

Call 0800 051 3702 or please complete the form below and we will reply via email within 3 days.


    When describing what you require please state the number of windows you need spraying.
    One window is one aperture out of your home into which a window unit is fitted.

    Please give details of any areas (windows / facias) not easily accessed.

    Please upload picture(s) of your property to support your requirements above (max 5 pics). If you are not able to upload photographs, submit the form and we will be in touch to advise accordingly.