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Energy consumption is often a large financial drain for business owners, but reducing the monthly cost of your energy bills doesn’t always have to be complicated. In fact, there are many simple, straightforward steps you can take to reduce the amount you’re spending on your energy bills.


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What steps should businesses take to reduce energy outage?

Business owners should first take a look at their current energy bills to identify exactly where energy is being used. This will help you identify any unnecessary uses of energy so you can either make changes, or get rid of them all together. The most effective way to reduce costs is to first work out where they’re coming from.


auditing your business energy


You could also consider installing sub-metres, which track the use of energy, helping you to identify key areas of usage and ultimately, reduce or remove them.

Other steps you could consider include:

• Energy saving lightbulbs
• Energy efficient appliances
• Ensuring items and appliances are properly shut down and switched off when not in use
• Only boiling water when necessary, and not boiling too much at once
• Shopping around for a cheaper energy supplier


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What are the key problems in the workplace for energy related issues?

The smallest things can often be the biggest cause of energy usage in the workplace. Simple things such as windows being left open, lights, appliances and plug sockets being left on when not in use, items being left on standby and air conditioning or heating systems being left on a night can be a massive drain on your energy supply.

Setting targets for your business should help with this; communicate to your staff that energy usage in the workplace needs to be reduced and ask people to ensure they’re switching things off. Have the last person in the workplace at the end of the day do a final sweep, checking that everything has been properly turned off.


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Are there any issues that are often overlooked?

Many businesses fail to realise the impact that their windows can have on their energy bills. Failed double glazing is a problem that is often overlooked, but if your windows are faulty, they become inefficient in both summer and winter months, raising the price of your energy bills considerably.

Broken hinges, locks and handles can also have a surprising impact on your energy bills. Fixing these problems will enable your windows to function properly, keeping down costs for air conditioning and heating bills.

If the double glazing at your business has failed, or if the hinges, locks or handles on your windows are broken, Cloudy2Clear has over 40 branches throughout the UK, with experienced fitters and engineers ready to repair the windows at your workplace for you.