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With the coldest day of the year recorded in November this year, it’s certainly time to start thinking about draught proofing your home for the coming winter months.

There are so many quick and easy ways to do this that will save you both time and money. We’ve listed some of the benefits of draught proofing below and how to achieve them without breaking the bank.


1. Windows

Windows are often the main cause of warm air escaping in the home; in fact, 20% of heat loss is attributed to windows, even when double glazed. Draughtproofing effectively can ensure that you save energy, especially during the winter months and the run up to Christmas. You can get this done professionally or buy products to fit yourself, such as self-adhesive foam, metal, or plastic strips.


draught proof your home


However, you can ensure you don’t lose further heat from your home, and therefore increase energy bills, by having insulating glass installed and checking your units for any failed double glazing, so glass that may be clouded up or misty. In the long-run, this will help towards preventing against condensation and mould.

2. Doors

Again, doors are one of the main sources of heat loss in a home. Think about how many places there are for heat to escape – locks, keyholes, letterboxes, around the edges. Easy ways to help alleviate heat loss from your doors are to buy draught excluders, which you can pick up relatively cheaply; use a letterbox brush; and keep doors shut!


draught proof your home


3. Attic

Your attic area can often be overlooked when thinking about draught exclusion. People often worry it will cost too much to sort out. A simple way to reduce some heat loss is by insulating the hatch with strips around the edges. Of course, you can insulate your loft fully, which is highly recommended, especially if you’re looking to save on your energy bills.


4. Pipework

Often overlooked, pipework can be a serious cause of draughts in the home, especially if you have a lot of exposed pipes. Using an appropriate material to fill in gaps, such as polyurethane foam or silicone filler will help to alleviate any problems moving forward.


5. Floorboards and skirting boards

Gaps in floorboards and skirting boards may seem like insignificant areas to think about, but along with all the above issues, they can contribute to the problem. Draught proofing skirting boards can be cheap and relatively straightforward, simply by using sealant along the edge.


draught proof your home


If you have suspended floors i.e. floorboards, then this is a potentially much bigger job to deal with. You may need to lift-up all of your floorboards up in order to gain access to lay insulating material, which can be a time-consuming and messy job. Although worthwhile in order to save energy in the long-run, it may be advisable to contact a professional in order to complete the job for you.

If you are thinking about saving energy before Christmas, contact Cloudy2Clear today for more information on our failed double glazing repair services, as well as replacing any of your broken locks or hinges, which could be causing heat to escape.