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We’ve created a quick five tip guide to selling your home this spring. April is one of the most popular months for selling property in the UK, so it’s vital that your house is as easy to sell as possible to capture the attention of would-be buyers.

selling home spring


Replace failed double glazing

Replacing failed double glazing is a great way of increasing value to your home and making it more appealing to potential buyers. Double-glazed windows not only secure your home, but also offer better insulation, additional soundproofing, and makes a home more energy efficient. It also protects household items from powerful UV light and reduces the risk of damage to household items. However, if your double glazing has failed, you can lose all the benefits – and potentially lose buyers.


Modern kitchens and bathrooms

A modern, refurbished kitchen or bathroom makes a home much more appealing to buyers. A small investment to upgrade these rooms will add some value and sale potential to your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a modern space; simply replace cupboard handles to instantly lift kitchen units, or add laminate floor to replace a faded bathroom carpet (that us Brits seems to love so much!).

A deep-clean of your oven and fridge can also be effective when showing potential buyers around. Although this is purely aesthetic, similar to replacing any failed double glazing, buyers can tell a lot from whether your kitchen has a clean oven or not – and a smelly fridge will instantly put viewers off.


sell you home modern kitchen


Let them browse

Allowing viewings to take their natural path is vital to a good experience. If you aren’t comfortable showing potential buyers around your home, contact the estate agent who will be more than happy to help. You might wish to be there to answer any specific questions, but you must be respectful of their opinions. Don’t rush people around and let them browse at their own leisure. If you loiter in each room, buyers may feel uncomfortable that they can’t say what they really feel.


De-clutter and tidy the space

You don’t have to completely redecorate or hide all your possessions for viewings, but it helps if you run the vacuum cleaner around and ensure that full bin bags and dirty washing up are put away. Sometimes it can be hard for potential buyers to see past mess and rubbish; a dirty house might indicate more serious issues down the line.

During viewing season, make sure you keep anything unnecessary tidied away, or even think about self-storage for larger children’s toys or worn furniture.


And finally… Flowers!

Flowers are a wonderful, quick and effective fix to brighten and freshen up your home. They add a splash of colour, an understated smell, and create a pleasant environment.

Check out our blog article on spring decorating tips for more advice on how to improve your home this spring. Although we can’t guarantee selling your house for you, we can certainly help you out and hope that you have found these quick ideas helpful.