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Top static caravan holiday tips

Whether this is your first static caravan or holiday park home trip, or one of many, it can sometimes be overwhelming to plan properly for your trip, especially if you have a growing family. The benefits of a caravan holiday include: saving money, no long flights, entertainment on site, and experiencing the countryside or coast.

We’ve listed several helpful tips below to ensure you have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday, making the most of your family time together on your static caravan or holiday park home trip.


seaside holiday


1. Don’t forget the basics

Often, when we’re caught up in the excitement of travelling and going on holiday, we can forget to pack even the most basic of items. These should include:
– Tea towels
– Toilet roll
– Milk
– Cereal
– Towels (both for bathing and swimming)
– Spare bedding in case one of your children has an accident
– Bin liners
– Kitchen equipment, such as extra knives and forks, napkins, spatula, and plastic containers

This saves you buying everything whilst you’re there, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday.


static caravan holiday


2. Pack well for the weather

Whatever time of year you choose to go on your caravan holiday, it’s important to remember to pack for a variety of different seasons. This goes for both your clothes and outdoor items:

– Windbreaker (essential for the beaches in the UK, even on the hottest days)
– Picnic basket or cool bag
– Rug or blanket
– Jumpers or hoodies
– Anoraks
– Parasols and hats for shade
– Walking boots
– BBQ equipment (from utensils to disposable barbeques, ensure you’re prepared for al fresco dining)


barbeque sausages


3. Safety

It’s important not only to enjoy your static caravan holiday, but also to stay safe and sound in a new environment – from smaller living quarters to replenishing your own gas, there are several things that you need to bear in mind.

Before you start your holiday, ensure that your caravan or holiday park home is equipped with the essentials and is in full working order:

– Fire extinguisher
– Plenty of gas canisters, so that you don’t run out of hot water and electricity
– Repair your failed double glazing for security and to save energy – did you know that Cloudy2Clear can also replace caravan windows, as well as any broken locks or handles
– Keep a torch handy for potential power cuts – and don’t forget batteries!


static caravan gas canister

4. Plan for the journey there

The worst thing that can happen is getting stressed-out before your holiday has even begun. Ensure you have planned your journey properly, and don’t always rely on a sat nav. Print your directions off before you travel, so you have a hard copy, and you can always keep an old-fashioned map in the boot, just in case.


journey planning


5. Health

Accidents and illness happen in everyday life, but we can sometimes be caught off-guard on holiday, as we’re not as prepared when at home. Taking a well-equipped first aid kit with you and keeping one in your static caravan, is a sure-fire way to keep your family safe this summer. Main items to remember include:

– Bug spray
– Any ongoing medication you might currently be using
– Plasters and bandages
– Antiseptic cream
– Paracetamol or any other appropriate painkiller, for headaches and stomach aches
– Thermometer


first aid holiday box


For more information on caravan window repairs, contact your local Cloudy2Clear branch today. We can also repair any handles, seals, hinges, and locks that you may have too.

How to add value to your home

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home or just looking to make improvements for the future, there are a number of quick wins, from updating your kitchen to adding an extension. Whatever your budget and whatever you reasons, we’ve outlined some great tips and advice on how to add value to your home.


piggy bank


1. Begin with the boring stuff

Although transforming rooms and considering attic conversions is exciting, the best investment you can make in your home is ensuring that everything is structurally sound and works as it should do.

Damp problems, whether rising or penetrating, need your immediate attention. These kinds of issues can potentially cause structural damage to your home, as well as being unpleasant. Damp can spread to any timber structures you may have, which can cause them to become rotten. Fixing the damp issue before any further damage is caused can save you a lot of money in the long run.
Check your central heating and electrical wiring too. These items can be pricey to replace; however, if you are thinking of selling, you’re much more likely to gain a sale, if its running efficiently. Often potential buyers can be put off buying a property if they know it’s their responsibility to replace them.

Even if you’re not selling, replacing and repairing your central heating and wiring will ensure that your home runs smoothly in the future, potentially saving you money on your energy bills.


wires and electrics


2. Repair windows and doors

Failed double glazing and broken hinges or locks can instantly make your home appear shoddy and unloved; this isn’t great to live in, but can impact the value of your home too. Often, people see this as an expensive task. However, simply replacing the glass, rather than the whole frame, and repairing any locks, hinges, seals, or handles, whilst regularly maintaining them, is an easy and affordable way to instantly give your home a facelift. Cloudy2Clear offers this unique service, saving customers money and time.


pink lock rustic


3. Add more space to your home

The more space you have, the more options buyers have for potential rooms and storage – and if you’re not selling, you’ll always have enough space for a growing family, entertaining, or for new furniture.

You can add new space in a number of ways:

– Convert the garage space into a playroom or dining room; this is perfect for those who don’t have a car or rarely use the garage for its intended purpose
– Transform your attic into a new bedroom or hideaway area; installing a sky-light will instantly brighten up this space
– Add a conservatory; a true extension of your home and your garden, a conservatory is the perfect way to create an extra room, without adjusting the structure of your home
– Create a desk or storage area underneath your stairs


macbook on top of desk


– If possible, install a downstairs toilet
– It’s a pricey option, but basements are being converted in homes across the UK, from kitchens to games rooms, expanding downwards is a new home improvement trend


4. Ensure all cosmetic issues have been taken care of

The internet is full of helpful ideas to make subtle changes to enhance to look of your home before putting it on the market, but there are several cosmetic issues you should address first:

– Fresh coat of neutral paint throughout (cream or magnolia work well)
– Clean window frames on the outside, as well as soffit and facia
– Update front door furniture, such as letterboxes, handles, doorknobs, and hinges
– New kitchen cupboard doors – this saves money on a complete refurbishment, but creates a fresh new look


old kitchen cupboards


– Dripping taps and doorbell fixes
– Neat gardens – mow the lawn, trim bushes, and add colour


If you’re looking to update the look of your home, without blowing the budget, contact Cloudy2Clear today for a free, no obligation quotation. We have over 40 branches across the country, making sure you have easy access to our local engineers.



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Ask Louis: How to keep your conservatory looking its best

Enjoy blissful mornings, parties and summer evenings in your conservatory with our expert tips on how to keep it in perfect condition.


maintain your conservatory


How many times should you clean the outside of your conservatory throughout the year?

One deep clean once a year should be sufficient but if your conservatory is situated near trees, then it may be appropriate to remove any debris from the guttering more than once.


How do I remove debris from gutters?

Remove all moss, leaves, and twigs from the gutters using a good reliable ladder or a suitable platform in which to reach the guttering. Dependent on your height, a step ladder will probably suffice. We would recommend having someone else supporting you whilst you clean, so they can keep the ladder steady and pass any equipment up to you.

Wear suitable gloves to remove all dirt, leaves, and debris, preferably heavy duty gloves, which will prevent any potentially sharp objects injuring you. Once all this has been removed, place a hosepipe in the gutter to flush out with water.


hosepipe for cleaning gutters


Can you get conservatory double glazing repaired if it fails?

Often windows can become misty or blown and in need of replacement.  At Cloudy2Clear we specialise in replacing only the glass, not the entire frame saving customers money, time and energy. When it comes to keeping your conservatory looking its best, there’s no need to spend thousands.


How do I clean the roof of my conservatory?

Cleaning the roof of a conservatory should be a straight forward and safe process. Never stand on the roof of your conservatory and ensure you have the right equipment to enable you to reach the highest point, without straining yourself.

An extendable handle with a soft-headed brush or sponge, alongside clean, soapy water, is the safest and most efficient way of cleaning the roof. Gently rinse off an excess soap or debris with a light sprinkling from the hose.


Should I use a pressure washer?

Pressure washers can cause undue damage to the seals of your conservatory, potentially causing leaks. Conservatories are designed to withstand rainfall, not extreme blasts of water.


rain conservatory


How do I maintain my locks and hinges?

All locks and hinges should be oiled at least once a year, so it’s another task to remember when completing clean of the conservatory. Use WD40 or another oil based lubricant on all moving parts and mechanisms.


Points to remember on the inside

To ensure your conservatory lasts for many years, ensure that it is well ventilated in the summer, to avoid overheating, and keep it well heated in the winter. Avoiding problems such as condensation, damp, and mould will keep your conservatory feeling warm and cosy, smelling pleasant, and being an enjoyable area of your home for you and your family to appreciate.


summer garden


For more information on replacing your failed conservatory windows, contact your local branch of Cloudy2Clear today to book a free, no obligation quotation.



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Vacancy – Walsall – Full time fitter


We need a full time window fitter to support our growing window repair business in our Walsall branch of Cloudy2Clear Windows (a national network of 47+ branches).

We take pride in the fact that we genuinely care about the service we give our customers and how we treat our staff.

In order to be considered for the role, you must:

1. Be experienced in fitting replacement double glazed units into existing frames (PVC, aluminium and timber) and replacing locks, handles & hinges. Experience with using putty is also an advantage.
2. Enjoy talking to customers.
3. Care about what you do, i.e. be reliable, organized, punctual and presentable.
5. Have a full driving licence

Benefits include:

– 40 hours per week. Initial probation period of 3 months.
– 28 days paid holiday (inc. statutory).
– £20,000 to £22,000 depending on experience
– Company van and tools.
– Uniform.

Please email with CV and two references.

Emma gets the perfect view

Cloudy2Clear, the UK’s leading glass replacement company for failed double glazing, has revealed the winner of its Perfect View competition.

Emma Maddock, who is 27 and from New Longton in Lancashire, has been randomly selected from thousands of entries to win a £300 stay at Lakeside Hotel and Spa in the beautiful Lake District.

At Cloudy2Clear, our mission is simple. Help people get their perfect view back by expertly replacing damaged, blown or misty windows. You don’t need to go through the expensive process of replacing your window frames. Our experts can just replace the pane, not the frame saving you money, time and energy.

To help drive awareness, we teamed up with Lakeside Hotel, based on the shores of Lake Windermere, to offer one lucky person the perfect view and a passport to complete relaxation.
Winner, Emma and her partner are saving up for a home of their own and so haven’t planned a summer getaway.

She commented: “This is the perfect prize as we can now plan a holiday break in the Lake District. We are so pleased and winning the competition has come just at the right time.”

“Cloudy2Clear’s experts in our area will be just a call away if we find a property which needs some TLC because replacing failed windows will help energy efficiency in a home as well as improve its kerb appeal.”


perfect view competition winner

Emma, our competition winner, and Kirk


If you see a foggy or condensation-type look on your window that won’t go away, call the glass replacement specialists today. We can also replace faulty locks, handles and hinges.

To locate your nearest Cloudy2Clear branch click here or to request for one of our engineers to visit and supply a quote, call 0800 61 21 119.

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