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What is Triple Glazing, and is it Right for You?

After the double glazing boom of the 1970s, double glazed windows quickly became a commonplace feature within modern homes. Today, it’s only natural that the homeowners that can afford to ...

Understanding the Different Types of Window Materials

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What Is Energy Efficient Glass and How Does It Work?

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How to Ventilate Your House and Prevent Damp

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Is Insulating Film for Windows Worth It?

Many homeowners today are looking to improve how energy efficient their homes are. This makes sense, as with utility costs still on the rise, energy efficiency has been a huge ...
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5 Ways to Spot a Cowboy Double Glazing Firm

Choosing the right double glazing company can make a vast difference to the quality and efficiency of your home's doors, windows and insulation levels. Double glazing is one of the ...

How to Know if Your Velux Window Needs Replacing

Different styles of windows can completely transform the look and feel of any room, with some allowing more natural lighting to enter than others. With certain spaces in the home, ...

Double Glazing for Listed Buildings

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5 Tips for Modernising Your Home

In a rapidly evolving world, our homes shouldn't be left behind when it comes to modernisation! Whether you are looking to increase your property's value, make a remarkable first impression ...
ECO friendly glass.

ECO friendly technology

C2C IG (Insulating Glass) considerably reduces the heat lost through the window space. Insulating Glass is up to 3 times more efficient than ordinary window panes and over twice the efficiency of normal double glazing.

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Save Money on your heating bills.

Save money

Did you realise that you lose over 20% of your heat through your glass? After all, your windows are the largest gaps in the building. Stop the heat escaping by replacing failed glass or upgrading to insulated glass.

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Cloudy2Clear installer repairing a window.

About us

Cloudy2Clear UK was founded to fill a void that existed in the market for a company that focused exclusively on the replacement of failed double glazed windows. We were the original and still are the best!

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