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how to maintain double glazing
How Does Double Glazing Work?
Double glazing comes with a whole hoard of benefits that you’ve probably already heard about. From preventing heat escaping your
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How much does double glazing cost?
Whether you’re looking for ways to cut down on energy bills, boost property value or simply keep your home healthy,
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Top static caravan holiday tips
Is there anything more quintessentially British than a caravan? Those iconic holiday parks allow us to take a well-deserved break
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How to clean UPVC window frames
  Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) is the most popular material for window frames. Why is this? UPVC is not only
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How to maintain your double-glazed windows
Replacing your windows is a big commitment. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re replacing a failed set of double-glazed
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Static caravan maintenance tips
Whether you’re in a picturesque village or set up by the sea, a static caravan is your home away from
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Why does double glazing become cloudy?
If your home is fitted with double glazed windows, you may have noticed mist forming in between the panes.  This
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A Brief History of Double Glazing
Double glazing has been around for decades and is the norm for the majority of UK homes. With 93% of
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how to prevent condensation
How to prevent condensation in your home
What is condensation? Condensation occurs when water vapour in the air comes into contact with cold surfaces like window panes
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What if famous authors designed their own homes?
Our favourite authors have the unique skill of transporting us to other worlds with nothing more than the written word.
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ECO friendly glass.

ECO friendly technology

C2C IG (Insulating Glass) considerably reduces the heat lost through the window space. Insulating Glass is up to 3 times more efficient than ordinary window panes and over twice the efficiency of normal double glazing.

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Save Money on your heating bills.

Save money

Did you realise that you lose over 20% of your heat through your glass? After all, your windows are the largest gaps in the building. Stop the heat escaping by replacing failed glass or upgrading to insulated glass.

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Cloudy2Clear installer repairing a window.

About us

Cloudy2Clear UK was founded to fill a void that existed in the market for a company that focused exclusively on the replacement of failed double glazed windows. We were the original and still are the best!

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