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Different styles of windows can completely transform the look and feel of any room, with some allowing more natural lighting to enter than others. With certain spaces in the home, various types of windows are also specially designed to offer the most effective solution.

Velux windows are also known as roof windows. They are popular options for making spaces feel more airy and welcoming, and can even add a spacious feel to your home. Over time, these types of windows experience even more exposure to the natural elements than standard windows. While they are built with lasting quality in mind, time can take its toll and lead to issues with any Velux window. Here’s our guide on how to know whether your Velux window needs replacing or repairing, and what you can do about it.

What is a Velux window?

Now synonymous with the style of window they provide, Velux is actually the name of the leading brand that manufactures roof windows, skylight systems, and sun tunnels.

Velux windows come in a range of styles, each designed to suit different spaces in the home. The addition of a Velux window can brighten up any room, letting in sunlight from the top down.

  • Roof Windows
  • Flat Roof Windows
  • Skylight Systems
  • Roof Terraces
  • Balconies

Due to the positioning of roof windows, Velux windows use laminated safety glass as standard. This avoids any glass from entering the home if your Velux window ends up smashed or broken, enhancing the safety of your roof window. Velux windows can also be configured to include additional features and finishings that can further boost the value of your property.

  • Smoke ventilation windows
  • Burglary resistant features
  • Sound insulation roof windows
  • Weather protective glazing
  • Easy-to-clean coatings
  • 3-layer UV defense

Which Faults can Occur with a Velux Window?

All Velux windows are double glazed at a minimum. This means any of the issues that can happen with double glazed windows can happen to your Velux windows.


If your double glazing has failed, you might notice your home feels colder. Draughts coming through your Velux window can signify that the seal around your roof window has failed somewhere. This allows air from outside to enter the home, increasing your energy bills. It will also potentially expose your windows to further damage from too much condensation build up.

Mist & Condensation

A small amount of condensation on your Velux windows is normal, though excess condensation can build up over time. Velux windows are fitted with air filters that should regularly be cleaned to avoid this. Cleaning your Velux air filter helps air to circulate around your windows, reducing the ‘foggy’ appearance that can happen when it’s cold outside.

Damp & Mould

All Velux frames are specially treated to prevent the growth of mould in the first place, but any prolonged damp conditions can lead to a problem. Keeping the air filter on your roof windows clean should avoid the growth of damp and mould that can be caused by too much condensation. You can also clean your Velux frames with mould spray.

Other problems with your roof window could include:


Finding any water entering the home from outside is a concern, especially with a roof window! Problems with the installation process can lead to leaking Velux windows. When installed, your roof window should have had roofing felt placed in between the window frame and the roof opening, as well as insulation. If your installer has skipped these steps, any excess water is likely to leak down into your window.

Broken Lock Mechanisms & Hinges

The handles and locks of any window can wear down over time, especially with daily use. Separate Velux parts including hinges and handles can be ordered direct from the Velux website.

Cracked or Broken Glass

As with any window, the glass within a Velux window can chip or break entirely. Due to the position of roof windows, it’s perhaps even easier for them to sustain damage. Anything from the branch falling off a tree, to weather, to a bird dropping something on your window can be enough to have an impact on those made from low quality glass.

Luckily, Velux windows are designed to withstand these events. They’re each tested vigorously to avoid broken glass – the company’s strict testing regime even involves hitting the glass with a 50kg pendulum to ensure strength.

Can a Velux Window be Repaired?

If you have issues with your Velux window, it’s worth arranging a free consultation to first identify the cause of the problem. A damaged Velux window isn’t necessarily in need of a full replacement. As windows age, they withstand plenty of weather conditions and natural wear-and-tear.

When to Repair a Failed Double Glazing on a Roof Window

Over time, natural wear-and-tear often leads to failed double glazing, which is not uncommon in Velux windows. Since many failed double glazing cases are caused by issues with the seal, these can be repaired by a specialist. It’s certainly worth having your failed double glazing repaired. This will restore the original energy efficiency of your windows, limiting the cost you’ll spend on heating in the long run. Repairs will also stop any of that excess mould or condensation spreading to the space around your window, which could cause even more costly damage to your walls and furniture.

When to Replace a Faulty or Broken Roof Window

If the initial installation of your Velux window wasn’t done properly, you might need a bit of extra work done. This might involve the replacement of certain components of your window, from the frames, to the insulation and panes. Similarly, if one of your window panes is broken, that pane will have to be replaced.

It’s worth finding a roof window repair service that will provide you with a quality repair or replacement.

Velux Window Repairs & Replacements by Cloudy2Clear

At Cloudy2Clear, our experts in repairing and replacing windows can fix your roof windows should any of the above issues happen. Our Velux window repair specialists work to recover the full quality of your roof windows with minimal cost. We know that not all Velux windows need replacing entirely if something goes wrong!

Many companies will have you replace the entire unit surrounding your Velux window, even if there’s nothing damaged with the window frame itself. This leads to a much more expensive service where you’re paying unnecessary fees. Plenty of issues with Velux windows develop due to problems with just one window pane or the sealing. We work to repair and replace only the faulty part of your Velux window, keeping costs down.

If your Velux window needs repairing, call us on 0800 61 21 119 for a free, no-obligation quote.