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Conservatory window repair

Conservatories are a fantastic way to introduce some light into your home so you can relax and enjoy the view. However, poor installation technique and low-quality window panes can present you with a number of problems. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Common issues with conservatory double glazing

Temperature control is a major factor in conservatory design. They help to keep you cool in the summer, and with insulating glass, you’ll stay warm in the winter too. 

However, good temperature control relies on the quality of your window installation. If your double glazing seals fail, your conservatory won’t be able to store heat any longer, meaning you face extortionate energy bills or avoiding your conservatory altogether.

Gaps in your double glazing, whether it’s the seals of physical damage, can also cause your windows to become cloudy. This is caused by moisture getting trapped between the panes of glass, which not only obscures your view but can also lead to damp problems in your home.

How can we help?

For most window companies, replacing entire units can be expensive, making conservatory window repairs a frightening concept. 

At Cloudy2Clear, though, we’re experts at window pane replacement, meaning we only need to remove the faulty glass without touching the frame or any other windows. This not only makes our conservatory double glazing repairs a much cheaper solution, but also allows our engineers to have your windows back in working order in a flash. 

Our engineers just need to take some measurements before returning with your new glass. We can work with any size, shape or colour glass, making sure your new window is a perfect match. 

What are the benefits of conservatory double glazing?

Installing double glazing in your conservatory provides a range of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Enhanced Insulation.
    The most compelling benefit to double glazing is its effective insulation properties. Conservatories are most exposed to the changes in weather and seasons, and you’ll likely notice they’re often unbearably hot in summer – yet bitterly cold in the winter. Double glazing can help regulate the temperature within the most exposed area of your home.
  • Increased Property Value.
    Double glazing is now the standard for homes across the UK. Having double glazing installed in your conservatory ensures your property isn’t falling too far behind with upgrades, and will add thousands onto the value of your property.
  • Lower Energy Bills.
    Single glazed conservatories are notorious for causing heat loss in the home. Updating your conservatory with double glazing means your space is more insulated. In the colder months, this will reduce your expenditure on energy bills; and in the summer months, the insulative benefits will help keep your conservatory cooler.
  • Increased Comfort.
    Conservatories are prone to draughts, as any minor gaps in the seals surrounding your windows will allow air to enter the home. Installing double glazing in your conservatory will reduce the presence of draughts, making it an altogether more comfortable space to be. You’ll also notice reduced levels of noise pollution – so you can use the space to properly unwind or focus on work.
  • Better Security.
    Single glazed windows are much easier to break into than double glazed windows. With an additional layer of security protecting your home and belongings, having double glazing installed can even help reduce insurance premiums.

Is it expensive to install double glazing in a conservatory?

There are a range of factors to take into account when determining how expensive your conservatory double glazing upgrade will be. The size of your conservatory, style of windows, and the type of double glazing you choose will all influence the final cost.

While upgrading your entire conservatory to double glazing might seem costly, it’s a worthwhile investment. You’ll save money on your energy bills, while your home will become more comfortable. If you do look to sell in the future, your property value will also have risen in accordance with the eco-friendly double glazing upgrades you’ve made.

Why choose Cloudy2Clear?

At Cloudy2Clear, we specialise in replacing the glass panes in your existing double glazed windows, rather than replacing the entire frame. This means you can enjoy the benefits of double glazing in your conservatory, without the unnecessary additional cost of a full window replacement.

We also offer a 25-year guarantee on our quality products and installations, giving you peace of mind in knowing your investment will last.


  • No loss of heat.
  • Save on energy bills.
  • Add value to your home.
  • Reduce noise pollution.
  • A cheaper solution.

So what happens now?

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    Our service engineers will survey your property, take all necessary measurements and recommend the product that is right for you.

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    You’ll recieve your quote in under 20 minutes, including all the infomation you need to make a decision about your new windows.

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    We’ll order all the necessary materials and and arrange a prefered fitting date with you (Usually within 5-10 days, depending on materials).

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    Our team will always complete the work with minimal disruption. Once done, we’ll contact you to make sure you’re happy.

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What our customers think

“We found this company in our Go Local magazine. One of our stained glass windows in the conservatory had been broken and we needed it replacing. We gave them a call, they attended promptly at the time agreed. The fitter measured up the window and gave me a quote, which we agreed on, he came back two weeks later and replaced the window. An excellent job, no mess.”

Michael 07/7/2022

“The contractor called on time to give a free estimate to replace 2 double glazed units. At the appointment to install the new units, he arrived promptly and carried out the work to a good standard. He was very pleasant throughout and left everything clean and tidy. We would definitely recommend Cloudy2Clear and will use them again should the need arise.”

Blueboy 11/05/2022

“I am highly delighted with the service I received from first visit to measure and price and then 2 fitters who, equally prompt, fitted two windows with skill and speed. I will have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Josephine 18/04/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing works in the same way as double glazing. However, instead of two panes of glass, triples glazing uses three to create two vacuums. This method increases the heat retention of your home even more so than double glazing, though it is significantly more expensive. You’ll only notice the benefits if you live in a much colder country like Norway.

Why is my double glazing draughty?

If you have double-glazed windows and can hear or feel a draught, it means there is a problem with your window seals. Draughts are not only an inconvenience; they also increase the level of heat loss in your home, which could seriously affect your utility bills. If you have draughty double glazing, get in touch with your local Cloudy2Clear branch for a free quote.

What is insulated double glazing?

Insulated double glazing is used to help reduce heat loss in homes even more than standard double glazing. Using insulated glass, a vacuum is created between two panes to keep heat from escaping your rooms — particularly useful for rooms with many windows like conservatories.

Helpful information

  • Diagram showing how double glazing's two panes permit light but insulate heat

    ECO friendly technology

    C2C IG (Insulating Glass) considerably reduces the heat lost through the window space. Insulating Glass is up to 3 times more efficient than ordinary window panes and over twice the efficiency of normal double glazing.

  • Save money

    Did you realise that you lose over 20% of your heat through your glass? After all, your windows are the largest gaps in the building. Stop the heat escaping by replacing failed glass or upgrading to insulated glass.

  • Window fitter installing double glazing

    About us

    Cloudy2Clear UK was founded to fill a void that existed in the market for a company that focused exclusively on the replacement of failed double glazed windows. We were the original and still are the best!

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