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How much could you save by replacing your window pane?

If your double glazing has begun to fail, replacing your windows can seem like a laborious task and an expense you could do without.

But if you notice faults in your double glazing, it’s crucial that you seek professional help to keep your windows in working order.

Here at Cloudy2Clear, we pride ourselves on our first-class service, delivering exceptional results while keeping our replacement double glazed unit prices low. If you’ve noticed misty or cloudy double glazing in your home, we offer our customers a cost-effective solution to double glazed window repair costs — frame and all.

What is the cost of replacing misted double glazing units?

At Cloudy2Clear, we have a cheaper alternative to full window replacements. We’ll simply remove and replace any glass panes with imperfections. We can match the size of your windows and switch any damaged or failing glass without needing to unnecessarily install a full window and frame. This results in potential savings of over 50% compared to other providers.

When you choose other providers, the average double glazed window costs between £350 and £400 and can vary depending on size. When you factor in the added cost of a uPVC door typically costing £600, it’s not unusual to receive a quote for double glazing a 3 bedroom house of £3500 to £5000 or beyond. The savings of replacing the pane not the frame start to add up as we could potentially offer you an installation quote of better than half this price.

To use a final example – to replace a full bay window might normally cost £1300 for 3 frames and 6 windows, while in comparison, we can replace the same sized windows with energy efficient glass for around £599 including VAT. That’s without factoring in the savings on your energy bills that insulating glass will bring.

Our glass pane fitting services are ideal for homes with large windows, as we simply need to match the size of the glass, meaning there’s no need for expensive full replacements when fixing a single pane of double glazing. We also offer repairs to locks, handles and hinges, yet another easy and inexpensive fix that would otherwise require a replacement window.


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The benefits of double glazing repairs

If your windows are becoming misty or have been cracked and damaged, replacing the glass is not just the most cost-effective solution: it can also benefit your home in more subtle ways.

  • Improved security – A broken lock or a stiff handle can be detrimental to the safety and security of your home. In the same way, a cracked window pane makes your home stand out as a target to potential intruders and outside threats. These issues can be easily remedied and ensure that your home remains secure.
  • Reduces noise pollution – One of the less obvious benefits of properly sealed double glazing is that it’s a fantastic noise diffuser, so if your double glazing windows or seals begin to fail, your peace and quiet could suffer. The layers of glass and air in a replacement can reduce noise pollution by up to 75%, helping you retain that serenity you enjoy.
  • Improve the appearance of your property – You’ll start to notice condensation on the inside of your windows when they begin to fail. This will lead to foggy or misty window panes that obstruct visibility and natural light. By ensuring your windows are always in tip-top condition, you can make sure your home always looks like new.
  • Save energy – Damaged windows aren’t just an eyesore — they can skyrocket your energy bills, too. By installing energy efficient double glazing panes, you can prevent draughts and cracks for heat to escape so you won’t need to use as much energy to heat your house. How well your windows can help preserve energy relies on their Windows Efficiency Rating.
  • Add value to your property – As effective double glazing improves the aesthetic of your home and helps to preserve energy, it means that the overall value of your home will also increase. Estate agents are adamant that a property with optimal double glazing will increase in value – great to know when it comes to selling your house.


What happens if I don’t repair my double glazing?

You may be tempted to ignore small cracks or minimal condensation in your windows if they don’t seem like a major inconvenience to you.

However, if you don’t take action to replace faulty window panes, you could be afflicted by more serious issues.

  • Mould and damp -. Misty windows are caused by condensation and if left unchecked can lead to mould and damp infecting your home. Once in, it’s difficult (and expensive) to remove, which is why replacing your double glazing early is so important.
  • –  Rotting frames – The more moisture that is trapped inside your windows, the more it will risk damaging your frames. When it comes to wooden frames, condensation and exposure to excess moisture can cause the frames to rot and warp. Fixing a faulty pane of double glazing early is a simple solution to prevent a major problem from happening.
  • Health issues – If your windows aren’t up to standard, your home will suffer from excess moisture. As well as being damaging to your property, you could also be putting your health in jeopardy. Exposure to damp environments can put you at risk of developing respiratory infections, allergies, asthma and can even affect your immune system.

To find out more about how Cloudy2Clear can help to save you money, time and energy, take a look at our full range of services, or get in touch here to receive a free quote.

Check out our infographic below outlining how much you could possibly save with Cloudy2Clear Windows.


*Disclaimer: please note, these prices are based on industry averages for this sized bay window. The cost to replace your actual window may differ. Contact your local branch today for a free, no obligation quotation*

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