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A distinct and bold architectural design in any home, bay windows have survived the test of time simply because people love them. As there are many different types of bay windows — from canted, box bay or circle bays — each shape is unique. Not to mention the different styles, from Tudor to modern, mid-century and Victorian: each bay window must be dressed in a way that fits its style perfectly. 

Often a crowning feature in both traditional and modern homes, the additional space created from the window’s unique design can sometimes be harder to decorate than you’d think. To help you make the most of your space, our handy guide will help walk you through our five top tips to expertly dress your bay windows. 

1. Create a reading nook

For avid readers, an empty bay window is the perfect location for a cosy reading nook to get lost in a good book. Showcase your personality by painting your sill your favourite colour, or keep with the decor of your room by matching to the colour of the walls. Additionally, you can also paint your nook 2 shades lighter or darker to add a distinct but subtle contrast to your reading nook for a tastefully monochromatic finish.

Keep all your favourites within arm’s reach by placing a bookcase on either side of your nook, or if you’re short on space, a storage shelving unit is perfectly placed under the window — it can also double as a footrest too! Add some finishing touches with custom-fit cushions or a variety of throw pillows instead. 

Place a tripod lamp in the corner to create extra reading light, or if you’re running low on space, hang fairy lights from the curtain pole to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Cultivate your own indoor garden

If you want to bring some greenery into your home, the options for indoor gardens are never-ending. You can start simple with a collection of cacti, cultivate an apple tree, or even grow your own living wall. 

Perfect for an empty corner, a mini succulent garden is an easy step for beginners. With their low maintenance and eagerness to propagate, they’re easy to care for and almost impossible to kill. An abundance of natural light will not only help them grow but the added focal point is great for drawing the eye to a space that’s overflowing with greenery. 

If you’re looking for something on a larger scale, an outdoor-indoor hybrid garden helps to seamlessly blend the inside and outside. Make your home feel even bigger by incorporating plants like: 

  • Monstera — Also known as a Swiss cheese plant, Monstera favours warm and humid environments, so is perfect for thriving indoors. They can be quick growing and can sprout new leaves every 4-6 weeks when kept in the right conditions.
  • Devil’s Ivy — Enjoys a light spot but preferably not in direct sunlight. The bright green leaves will usually turn pale to indicate it needs more water. It can also be displayed as a hanging plant.
  • Snake plant — Doesn’t need much water, typically only when the soil is dry. They’re easy to care for as they only need to be fed once a month from April to September.


3. New kitchen space


If you’re in need of some extra space in the kitchen, make use of your bay window by turning it into a new sitting area. A cosy breakfast nook or even a new dining area are great ways to add functionality to a bay window. 

It’s important to make sure that you incorporate your existing decor when you’re thinking about your design. Opt for a more traditional wooden table and chairs if you have an older bay window or try sleek metals or glass with upholstered chairs to suit more modern designs. Additionally, you can use your bay window as a built-in window seat to maximise space, and if possible, add built-in storage underneath the window. This is perfect for hiding away any kitchen essentials, like plates, cutlery or table runners and mats.

4. Study space

A peaceful spot with natural lighting is the perfect study environment. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t get an overly large desk that protrudes into the room. Instead, measure the size of your desk and make sure it’s in scale with the floor space you have available. A small wooden or glass desk is ideal to tuck away in smaller spaces; or for larger areas, you can even incorporate the sill as a new desk space — just make sure it’s an appropriate height to work.

Finish with a decorative lamp and home accessories like plants, books, pictures and stationary.

5. Hang new curtains

The best way to breathe new life into your bay window if you’re on a budget is by hanging new curtains. Debut natural light with sheer curtains in a muted beige hue to give the room a warmer and softer glow. 

On sunny days, let light stream through by tying back curtains. Airy draperies in a bay window allow for privacy whilst still maintaining the potential of floods of natural light.

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