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Condensation can be a reoccurring problem throughout the year, but is especially troublesome in winter. But why is this? We asked our resident window expert, Kirk Williams, to give us the low-down on the effects of colder weather and condensation.

condensation in winter


When temperatures drop, most of us utilise our central heating systems and fires a lot more than normal. This means that the humidity inside our homes is higher and condensation can occur more easily. As well as using these methods for heating, most of us are also tempted to keep windows and doors shut. However, this traps moisture inside.


fireplace condensation winter


During the summer, excess moisture from cooking, showering, and damp clothes drying doesn’t seem noticeable. This is because there are fewer cold surfaces for the humidity to gather and often we have our windows ajar, so it can escape more easily.

Cooler air also holds less water vapour than warmer air, which is why condensation seems excessive during the winter. Although it’s common to experience condensation during the winter, having a disproportionate amount could mean there are more serious problems afoot.  Damp patches, mould, peeling wallpaper, unpleasant smells, and water droplets on walls are all signs that your condensation problem could be getting out of hand.

Health problems can sometimes occur if excess condensation isn’t addressed in a timely manner, so it’s not just your home that could deteriorate, but your family’s well-being. If you have failed double glazing, this can contribute to an increase in condensation because the way in which the double glazing works is altered. In simple terms, double glazed glass prevents the movement of heat. You can read more about how double glazing works here.


condensation winter


By replacing any failed double glazing, you can prevent condensation from worsening, as well as improving your energy usage, which is important when energy prices are increasingly becoming higher and higher. The winter months mean most of us will be using the most energy we’ve used all year, so it’s important to do as much as possible to help save on these bills.

If you need to repair or replace any failed double glazing before Christmas, get in touch with your local Cloudy2Clear branch today for a free no obligation quotation.