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Many home improvement tasks can be carried out by the homeowner but with double glazing, while this is technically possible even a skilled DIYer should avoid it.

Double glazing is a popular energy saving option that 86.7% of UK homes were found to have installed in 2020, with rates continuing to rise as the cost of energy goes up. While successful double glazing can save you money on your bills, an unsuccessful attempt to repair or replace double glazing yourself can actually end up costing you money.

If your double glazed windows are failing, you might notice cloudy patches between the two panes of glass, leaking windows, and draughts coming through your window frames. Any gaps in the seals between your double glazed windows mean they’re no longer able to effectively insulate your home, so you’re likely to want to get them replaced as soon as possible.

While it can be tempting to ‘cut down’ on costs and try to replace your failing double glazing yourself, it’s rare that even skilled DIY regulars manage to do it correctly. We’d always recommend finding highly rated professionals to replace your double glazed windows to avoid further costs in the long run.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should seek a professional to replace your double glazing.

You won’t save time or money.

Upon realising their double glazing needs replacing, many homeowners’ initial idea is to try to save money and opt for a ‘do it yourself’ approach.

The reality is, however, that repairing and replacing double glazed windows yourself requires a great deal of effort. The reinstallation of double glazed windows involves specialist skills and insights, particularly when you consider that the replacement of each variety of window will require a different approach.

Understanding exactly how to carry out the replacement yourself means you’ll spend hours trawling tutorials and guides online, often with little success.

As well as all this effort, you’ll need to invest in the specialist tools required for a double glazing replacement. Tools such as glazing knives, glass lifters, power tools, soft-faced glazing hammers and glazing PPE mean you’ll likely be even more out of pocket than you would if you decided to go with a professional.

When doing it the first time, it will take a long time to work out what needs to be done. It’s a specialist skill that calls for different approaches for different windows. And you need specialist tools that it’s not economical to source for a single job. If you do cause damage or shoddy work that needs to be redone, you’ll have to bear the cost of that as well.

You’ll void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Window manufacturers offer a warranty with their products, sometimes providing lifetime warranty policies that can last for decades. The majority of window warranties cover all elements of the window, including hardware (handles, locks), the glass, frame, and finish of your window.

When considering whether you should replace your windows yourself, it’s important to remember that this warranty will be invalidated if the installation of your windows isn’t done by a professional. This is because they’re aware that most DIY replacements of double glazing by non-professionals is not done to a suitable standard. Even if you think your work seems satisfactory to begin with, any mistakes can quickly reveal themselves and render your efforts pointless.

Over time, windows can also be subject to wear and tear. Any defects in the materials can be costly to replace and repair. Defects can include things like cracked glass, leaks, loose hardware, and faulty frames – that can significantly reduce the performance of your double glazing. A valid manufacturer’s warranty will often cover 100% of the costs of any defects for you.

Keeping the warranty on your windows valid means that any defects, even in later years, are covered by the warranty and you won’t have to fork out more money to have your windows fixed. Replacing double glazing is also a dangerous task, so dealing with powerful equipment and glass is best left to the professionals.

You may lose out on the energy savings.

Professionally installed double glazing can save you hundreds each year in energy bills. When it’s done properly, double glazed windows are highly energy efficient as they reduce the amount of heat that is able to escape through your windows. This means you won’t need to spend so much on heating bills, a huge bonus when you take into account the rising cost of energy today.

Energy savings are often the biggest appeal when it comes to having double glazing installed. If your DIY double glazing replacement project goes wrong, however, you’ll lose the insulating benefit of double glazing.

Making sure the seal between the glass and your window frames is 100% airtight is a specialist task, and it’s difficult to get it right in the first place. You might wrongly think your project has gone perfectly, only to find later down the line that you’re spending hundreds more on energy bills as your DIY windows aren’t insulating your home.

Go to a professional.

You might have considered replacing your double glazing yourself to save money, though getting even a slight element of the replacement wrong can end up costing you more. You’ll also have to spend money on any specialist equipment needed for the job, as well as the even more expensive repairs that will be required if it does all go wrong.

On the plus side, there are plenty of professional double glazing specialists out there. This means the pricing for double glazing replacement services is highly competitive – and it might pleasantly surprise you.

Save yourself time, stress, and money, by requesting a free double glazing replacement quote from our team at Cloudy2Clear. With over 15 years of experience in industry, our highly rated window replacement specialists replace the glass in your failed double glazing for you.

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