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smart meter measuring energy efficiencyIt’s a question many of us are asking. How energy efficient are our windows?

As rising energy costs have us all considering how we can reduce our expenditure on certain bills, we’re becoming much more conscious of how our homes may be improved to reduce energy consumption levels. One of the key areas within the home that can be the culprit of lost energy are windows and doors.

The type of windows you have, as well as the condition they are in, can significantly influence how energy efficient any building is. Double glazed windows are the best way to insulate your home, and most UK buildings now have double glazed fittings.

Here’s our guide on how to check how energy efficient your windows really are; and what you can do to improve them if they’re not up to scratch.

Energy Efficiency in Windows

The better insulated your windows are, the more control you have over the temperature inside your home. This works year-round, whether you’re trying to conserve heat energy in the winter or cool down in summer. Energy efficient windows reduce the need for excessive amounts of heating and cooling in the home, as quality double glazing preserves a more comfortable temperature throughout the seasons.

Although having double glazing installed does cost money, it may be more cost effective in the long term. This helps save you money on your energy bills, reducing energy usage – whether that’s through heating, boiling kettles for hot water bottles, or using electric fans to cool down in the summer.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows come with a range of benefits, and this is one of the reasons double glazing is so popular throughout homes and businesses in the UK. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

Temperature Control

With energy efficient, double glazed windows, you have much more control over the temperature in your home. With an additional layer of inert gas (and glass) to pass through to escape the home, you can conserve energy and keep your space more comfortable.

Reduced Condensation & Damp

Double glazing reduces the potential for condensation, mould and damp considerably. These problems can quickly exacerbate if they go unnoticed or aren’t dealt with quickly, leading to unnecessary expenses. Energy efficient windows keep the outdoors out, and your windows will appear clearer as a result.

Increased Property Value

As they are now standard for modern houses, double glazed windows can boost the value of your home. Buyers today are much less likely to opt for a home with single glazed windows, as they understand the repercussions this can have on energy costs and installation fees. Even if you buy to let, renters are more willing to spend more per month on a double glazed house.

Improved Environmental Impact

Sustainability has become a buzz word in recent years, and it will continue to be one for the foreseeable future. Younger homeowners want to know they’re doing all they can to reduce their carbon footprint, and reducing energy usage helps them with this. Protecting the planet is vital; double glazing is just one of the ways you can contribute to living a greener lifestyle.

Year-Round Energy Savings

Saving money is last but not least of all the benefits offered with energy efficient windows. The Energy Saving Trust states you can save £165 per year on your energy bills simply by replacing single glazing in a typical UK home with double glazed windows.

Factors that Affect Energy Efficiency

Although double glazing is an effective way to boost the energy efficiency of your space, there are further factors that may affect their efficiency.

Thickness of Glass

Thicker glass provides better thermal insulation as well as insulating against noise pollution, as heat and sound must pass through more material before it can escape the home.

Window Design

The design of your window itself can impact the energy efficiency of double glazing. Casement windows often provide a tighter seal than other styles, with greater insulating effects.

Professional Installation

Opting for a qualified and experienced company in installing energy efficient windows is paramount. Take the time to read reviews, ask around for quotes, and see if people you know can recommend a company. The quality of workmanship in installing your windows can influence how well they work over time. Note that upkeep can also play a role in their efficiency, so it’s a good idea to look for providers that offer guarantees – like the 25-year guarantee by Cloudy2Clear!

Low-E Glass

Low-emissivity glass features a special microscopic coating designed to reflect infrared light. This limits how quickly heat escapes the home, whilst keeping you cool in summer. Ultraviolet light is also reflected away, helping prevent furnishings from becoming faded by sunlight as quickly.

Window Orientation

As with any home, the way your windows are facing can directly impact the level of light and heat your rooms are exposed to. South-facing windows tend to receive the most exposure to the sun.

Number of Panes

Double glazing is the standard in the UK, but in cooler climates such as those in Nordic countries, triple-glazing is popular as it can further insulate the home. Two panes of glass is currently considered to be the most cost effective in terms of efficiency in the UK, however.

Air Gap Quality

The air gap in between double glazed windows acts like a cushion that prevents heat loss. If the sealant around your windows is damaged, this compromises the integrity of your energy efficient windows.

Maximise Energy Efficiency with Cloudy2Clear

If you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home, Cloudy2Clear can help. Our experienced teams work across the UK to install double glazing at affordable prices, where we do our best to work with materials you already have to reduce environmental impact too.

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