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Whether you’re in a picturesque village or set up by the sea, a static caravan is your home away from home. 

As such, you should treat your caravan with as much respect as your actual home. By taking the time to properly maintain your static caravan, you can ensure years of fantastic holidays without any troublesome of expensive problems to deal with.

To help you keep your static caravan in tip-top condition, we’ve outlined some of our best tips to keep your pride and joy looking and running as good as new.


static caravan


1. Clean the gutters

Keeping your drains in working order on your caravan is crucial, especially with our temperamental weather. If your gutters are blocked, water can become trapped and lie on top of the roof of the caravan – leading to some serious problems in the future.

Clean your gutters as regularly as you would at home, especially if you’ve experienced poor weather or are located under trees. This way any rainwater can drain away freely, preventing water build-up or any issues with damp.

2. Sweep the roof

Much like your gutters, leaving debris unchecked on top of your roof can lead to problems that can be easily avoided.

A simple sweep of the roof is all it takes to prevent any damage to the caravan’s roof materials. Just make sure you stay safe when sweeping by using an extending brush and making sure there’s someone else nearby to help out.

3. Clean the outside of your caravan

Caravan exteriors are made of sturdy materials to withstand the elements. However, animal waste and tree sap can still cause damage if left unchecked.

Regularly clean the outside of your caravan with a solution of warm water and detergent. Car cleaning products work well, too.

If your caravan features a decked area, it’s also a good idea to treat it with a strong wood stain to keep it looking healthy and protected from mother nature.

4. Keep vents clear

Static caravans have a number of vents and are used for a number of reasons, including ventilation and gas safety. It’s important that you make sure any roof vents remain closed when you’re not using your caravan, as water can enter the caravan leading to issues with damp.

As for wall and floor vents, these are fine to leave open as they help to keep the air circulated inside. Just make sure that any wall or floor vents are free from obstructions that could cause blockages to the airflow.

5. Look after the chassis

One of the most common issues for static caravans, and most expensive to repair, is a rusty chassis. This is a particular problem for caravans located near the sea where corrosion is more common. Regularly check your chassis and repaint it to help fight off rust.

If you are located near the sea, the paint will likely flake away. Instead, use a wax oil to keep your caravan’s chassis is good condition.

6. Repair your failed double glazing

Just like in your home, your caravan double glazing needs to be maintained. If your windows fail due to weathered seals or physical cracks, they will lose their energy efficiency and will become misty and obscured – not what you want when you’re on a scenic getaway.

Our expert engineers can repair faulty caravan double glazing at a fraction of the price of most window companies, so you can stay warm and enjoy the sights without breaking the bank.

7. Replace stiff or broken locks

Whether you’re in your caravan or not, you want to make sure your home away from home is safe and secure. If the locks on your windows and doors become stiff or broken, you’ll need to get them repaired or risk compromising your security.

Our engineers can easily repair locks by simply removing and replacing faulty mechanisms. We can even repair your hinges and handles too, so you can make sure everything is running smoothly on your holidays.

Get in touch with your local branch of Cloudy2Clear today to find out how much you could save on your static caravan repairs.