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poorly maintained windowIf you’ve had the same double glazed windows for a while, an update can not only be good for maintenance – nipping any wear and tear from long term use in the bud – but could also give you even better windows than those you currently have as technology advances.

Much like your phone, laptop, or other forms of technology; the evolving progresses and design improvements involved in double glazing are improving the functional and aesthetic quality of windows and homes throughout the UK.

These functional upgrades are ensuring we improve the thermal efficiency of double glazing to make it even more energy efficient. Outdated or even slightly damaged double glazing could therefore be costing you money! In this guide to why you should update your double glazing, we’re going to explore just a few of the reasons your double glazing should be checked to ensure lasting quality.

How to Know if Your Double Glazing Needs Updating

There are several signs that can indicate that your double glazing isn’t functioning as well as it should be. For example, condensation or a misty appearance between two double-glazed glass panes is an indication that your double-glazing sealing has failed.

This can spoil the view and lower the property value of your home, and in some of the worst cases it could also allow unwanted moisture and damp into your home.

A worn-down seal could also lead to draughts and poor insulation, which can not only be uncomfortable to you as it lets in the chill but is also bad news for your energy bills as you up the heat to combat this.

To ensure you notice any problems with your double glazing before they begin to impact other areas of your home, try to check your windows on a regular basis. This is as simple as being a 5-minute job every other month or so, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Benefits of Updating Your Double Glazing

Replacing your double glazing with more up to date and efficient windows can lead to a number of improvements – for both your home and your bank balance. From improved aesthetics around the home and enhanced security to protect your family, to combatting general wear and tear; we’ll explain some of the benefits you’ll notice if you have your double glazing upgraded below.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Possibly one of the most important reasons to replace your double glazing is to help maintain the general upkeep and maintenance of your home. Whilst occasional or minor damages to seals and chips in the frame can be repaired in the short term, all good things must come to an end, and double glazing is no exception. While double glazing should last up to 25 years with quality maintenance, it will eventually reach a point where the materials used in your window come to the end of their functioning life. In these situations, it can be cheaper and easier to replace the windows.

Ensuring timely repairs to any potential faults such as failed seals, cracks, and chips in the framing or glass can be beneficial in protecting your home from further damages. Even minor issues can allow cold and moist air in, whilst noise and security concerns may multiply.

A key purpose behind double glazing is to improve your energy efficiency – and it does a great job at this when it’s fully functioning. Rectifying any draughts or air leaks as you notice them can ensure these insulative qualities last, keeping your home and family comfortable without overspending on energy bills.

Reduced Noise Pollution

On the topic of insulation, double glazing that’s in tip top condition can also reduce noise pollution. This is an often-overlooked advantage to quality double glazing that homeowners sometimes don’t even realise they’re benefitting from until a problem occurs!

Gaps and cracks in the window or glazing seals can greatly impact the effectiveness of your double glazing, allowing soundwaves to enter the home as well as cold air. If you’re noticing your home is a bit noisier, you may want to check for any damage to the frame and seal that can allow noise to come through.

Increased Security

In the unfortunate event that someone was to try to gain access to your home, it is the windows and doors that are in noticeably bad repair that are likely to be their target for entry.

Modern double glazing comes with much thicker, insulated glass that’s securely fitted into the frame. With two or even three panes of stronger glass, it’s much harder for an intruder to smash the windows and break in. If you do have any cracks in your window pane (on either side), it’s worth getting them fixed – these indicate weak points that intruders will use to their benefit. Another thing to check is your hinges and locks on windows and doors. While these are designed to offer maximum security, they can wear down and lose some of this function. We also offer lock, handle and hinge repairs to ensure our clients’ homes are safe and secure.

Quality working window locks and seals result in a perfect and almost impenetrable fit, reducing the chance of an intruder gaining access. Upgrading your double glazing can give you the peace of mind of that extra security that comes with knowing your windows and doors are in peak condition.

Better Aesthetics

New and repaired windows can offer improved visual aspects, as going for an upgrade also offers you the opportunity to replace both the windows and the frames with something more fitting to the style and aesthetic of your home. Updating your double glazing can also offer a potential increase in property value, as outdated or damaged windows can be off putting to buyers.

Damaged double glazing can result in unsightly condensation and moisture build up between the windowpanes. Not only does this ruin the visual purpose of windows by making them harder to see out of, but the resulting damp and potential mould build up can cause long term damage to the areas around the window. We all know how damp is notoriously difficult to get rid of, and it’s better to prevent it from forming in the first place.

Updated, double glazed windows that are kept in good condition are a good sign that your home is well looked after. If you do opt to upgrade your window frames at the same time, there are a number of materials to choose from. From the authentic and traditional appearance of wood, to sleek and chic looking aluminium; modern window frame options for double glazing are both insulative and incredibly durable, providing your home with long lasting aesthetic and functional value.

Update Your Double Glazing with Cloudy2Clear

At Cloudy2Clear, we appreciate that not all double glazing issues will need a full window replacement. While this is most appropriate in some cases, or when you’re upgrading your frame materials, we take a more considerate approach whenever we can. It’s much more eco-friendly to replace only the parts of the double glazing or window that are affected.

As our experienced double glazing engineers will assess the problem and advise on the most suitable upgrade for you, this makes our updates both effective and affordable.

To talk to us about your double glazing issues or a potential upgrade, call our team today on 0800 61 21 119. You can also fill out our contact form and your local Cloudy2Clear team will get back to you.