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Setting up, operating, and maintaining your own business can be hard work and stressful at times. Although there are several benefits that go alongside this, starting up your own company from scratch is incredibly difficult. In fact, some statistics have revealed that more than half of UK start-ups fail within five years.

owning a franchise


However, you can still have that level of independence and responsibility of running your own business, but with the support of an established and reputable company, by owning a franchise. With uncertainty around Brexit, an unstable economic future, and other contributing factors, there are numerous benefits to opening a franchise, rather than negotiating the risk of your own start-up.

We’ve outlined some of the main advantages of owning a franchise to help you make an informed decision.



One of the main reasons some people hold back from owning a franchise, and open their own business instead, is because of the fear of the lack of independence. But working with a recognised brand can provide you with business security, as well as giving you the freedom to make your own decisions. Whichever company you choose to franchise through, knowing that you have the backing and support of that business, gives you more independence to make bigger and more exciting decisions.


owning a franchise



Support is a huge factor when it comes to investing in a franchise. You are buying into a brand that is already succeeding and wants to prolong that success, so you can be sure that you’ll receive the right support from the brand. Being commercially minded and knowing the ins and outs of running a business doesn’t always come naturally, so it’s great to have the expertise and knowledge of a company to guide you along the way. See what one of our franchisees has to say about the support we provide:


Your reputation is important and so is that of the brand you’re franchising for. When you choose a franchise to open, you can enjoy the benefit of an established reputation from that brand, as well as marketing teams and legal departments who are keen to offer support wherever possible to ensure that brand name remains reputable.

owning a franchise


Reduced risk

As mentioned previously, starting a business from the ground up is difficult, expensive, and incredibly demanding; if you’re prepared to work hard, but work smart, then buying a franchise is often a much more beneficial idea. Seeing success stories of other franchise owners and knowing the business model from the get-go, allows you to gain a lot of insight into the running of the company and how this will fit around your own life. Check out what one of our own successful franchisees has to say about what attracted him to Cloudy2Clear:


We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the franchise process, to ensure your journey is as successful as it can be. Our level of experience ensures you have the business opportunities that you require, as well as fulfilling your own career aspirations.

owning a franchise


You can also see what our Operations Manager, Kirk Williams, has to say about being part of the Cloudy2Clear family in a recent Which? Trusted Traders article. Visit our dedicated franchise website.