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c2c-vehiclesAt Cloudy2Clear we like to keep things simple and affordable, so we developed a service that we believe is both. We replace FAILED double glazing systems – that are full of condensation, steamed up or simply damaged. Only the glass!

Windows Steamed Up, Broken Or Damaged?

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What People Say…

I would and will recommend your services to all my friends knowing I will never get a complaint about your services. Sincerely, Richard Pryers

Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Save MoneyDid you realise that you lose over 20% of your heat through your glass? After all, your windows are the largest gaps in the building…

About Us

Cloudy2Clear UK was founded to fill a void that existed in the market for a company that focused exclusively on the replacement of failed double glazed windows. We were the original and still are the best!

ECO Friendly Technology

C2C IG (Insulating Glass) considerably reduces the heat lost through the window space. Our innovative GREEN technology means that our C2C Insulating Glass is up to 3 times more efficient than ordinary window panes and over twice the efficiency of normal double glazing

Do Your Windows Suffer From Any Of the Following?

  • Steamed Up? We’ll replace the glass… You don’t need a new window, saving you ££££’s.
  • Broken? We can fix! Simply by replacing the glass.
  • Damaged? We can fix!
  • Condensation? We’ll remove that for you too…

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