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Understanding why double glazing becomes cloudy is all part of our engineers’ job and discovering new reasons for the effects is part and parcel of everyday life for the Cloudy2Clear team.

We asked our operations manager, Kirk, for his expert opinion on why double glazing becomes cloudy or misted up in the first place – and what you can do to prevent it or repair it if the problem continues.

why does double glazing become cloudy?


Poor-quality fitting initially

Installation is probably one of the most important parts of preventing failed double glazing, as poor-quality fitting can lead to blown windows after less than a year after installation. Choosing a highly recommended window fitting company, with a solid reputation and experience gives you the opportunity to keep your windows intact for longer.

If you do discover failed double glazed units, which are more common after 10 – 15 years from the initial installation, Cloudy2Clear can replace just the pane of glass that has become misty (whether the window is standalone, in a door or conservatory!) rather than the entire unit. Our glazing products also have a 25 year guarantee, ensuring that they’ll see you through for much longer.


why does double glazing become cloudy


Using inappropriate products

Often, failed double glazing can be prevented and human error can be the cause of the ineffectiveness of your windows. Using harsh, chemical products to clean your windows is unnecessary. Warm water and white vinegar is the perfect combination and leaves them sparkling for longer.

You can check out our window maintenance article for more top tips on preserving your double glazing, from preventing mould to keeping your hinges and handles running smoothly.


Seals become ineffective

Broken or faulty seals are a common cause of moisture collecting between double glazed panels. When this happens, condensation can appear, causing the window to either become misty, cloudy, or ‘blown’.

Windows can actually be affected by the weather, whether hot or cold, causing them to expand and contract. Although this won’t be visible to many homeowners, it illustrates why seals can break so easily, especially if they haven’t been installed properly or by using quality materials.


why does double glazing become cloudy


If you notice a break in your seals before you have cloudy double glazing, contact Cloudy2Clear today, as we can repair the seal before the pane becomes blown. This saves you time and money in the long run.



Dependent on when you had your windows replaced or fitted will determine how soon your double glazing may fail. If you’re not sure if you have any faulty seals or locks, contact your local branch of Cloudy2Clear today for a free, no obligation quotation.