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Static caravan maintenance tips

Summer is finally here and that means it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy your static caravan. Whether you’re pitched in a picturesque village or have a sea view, your static caravan or park home is your pride and joy, and maintaining it properly will provide you with years and years of beautiful holidays and breaks away.


We’ve outlined some of our most helpful maintenance tips to keep your static caravan looking spick and span.


static caravan


Clean the gutters
Having effective drainage on your caravan or park home is important. Water can lie on the roof and cause serious problems if there’s nowhere for it to run into. Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis, especially if your static caravan or park home is situated under trees, is the most effective way to prevent water build-up and avoid any damp issues.


Sweep the roof
Again, build-up of mulch and leaves on the roof can potentially cause problems in the future, as well as damaging the roof materials. Ensure you stay safe when completing this job however, by using an extending brush and having someone on hand to help out.


Clean the outside
Regularly clean the outside with warm water and detergent to remove any animal waste or tree sap, as this can damage your caravan. You should also make sure you treat any decking areas properly with a strong wood stain.


caravan maintenance


Look after the chassis
A rusty chassis is a common problem for static caravan owners and usually the first part of the caravan to fail, so ensuring that you regularly check and repaint your chassis can prevent any future problems. This is because corrosion can occur, especially if you’re located next to the seaside.


static caravan chassis


Repair any failed double glazing
Static caravans can be costly to run, especially if you enjoy a few winter breaks every now and again and need to keep warm. Having any failed double glazed units within your static caravan or park home can increase heat loss dramatically, as well as ruining the aesthetic appeal too.


Replace stiff or broken locks
Security is extremely important and, as this is your home away from home, you treat it as you would your normal house. Ensuring that any window locks, handles, or hinges are repaired, whether they’re stiff or broken, keeps your possessions safe and reduces heat escaping.


double glazing repairs


If you have any window issues with your static caravan or park home, Cloudy2Clear have branches up and down the country. Find your local branch today and contact us for your free, no obligation quotation.

Top static caravan holiday tips

Whether this is your first static caravan or holiday park home trip, or one of many, it can sometimes be overwhelming to plan properly for your trip, especially if you have a growing family. The benefits of a caravan holiday include: saving money, no long flights, entertainment on site, and experiencing the countryside or coast.

We’ve listed several helpful tips below to ensure you have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday, making the most of your family time together on your static caravan or holiday park home trip.


seaside holiday


1. Don’t forget the basics

Often, when we’re caught up in the excitement of travelling and going on holiday, we can forget to pack even the most basic of items. These should include:
– Tea towels
– Toilet roll
– Milk
– Cereal
– Towels (both for bathing and swimming)
– Spare bedding in case one of your children has an accident
– Bin liners
– Kitchen equipment, such as extra knives and forks, napkins, spatula, and plastic containers

This saves you buying everything whilst you’re there, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday.


static caravan holiday


2. Pack well for the weather

Whatever time of year you choose to go on your caravan holiday, it’s important to remember to pack for a variety of different seasons. This goes for both your clothes and outdoor items:

– Windbreaker (essential for the beaches in the UK, even on the hottest days)
– Picnic basket or cool bag
– Rug or blanket
– Jumpers or hoodies
– Anoraks
– Parasols and hats for shade
– Walking boots
– BBQ equipment (from utensils to disposable barbeques, ensure you’re prepared for al fresco dining)


barbeque sausages


3. Safety

It’s important not only to enjoy your static caravan holiday, but also to stay safe and sound in a new environment – from smaller living quarters to replenishing your own gas, there are several things that you need to bear in mind.

Before you start your holiday, ensure that your caravan or holiday park home is equipped with the essentials and is in full working order:

– Fire extinguisher
– Plenty of gas canisters, so that you don’t run out of hot water and electricity
– Repair your failed double glazing for security and to save energy – did you know that Cloudy2Clear can also replace caravan windows, as well as any broken locks or handles
– Keep a torch handy for potential power cuts – and don’t forget batteries!


static caravan gas canister

4. Plan for the journey there

The worst thing that can happen is getting stressed-out before your holiday has even begun. Ensure you have planned your journey properly, and don’t always rely on a sat nav. Print your directions off before you travel, so you have a hard copy, and you can always keep an old-fashioned map in the boot, just in case.


journey planning


5. Health

Accidents and illness happen in everyday life, but we can sometimes be caught off-guard on holiday, as we’re not as prepared when at home. Taking a well-equipped first aid kit with you and keeping one in your static caravan, is a sure-fire way to keep your family safe this summer. Main items to remember include:

– Bug spray
– Any ongoing medication you might currently be using
– Plasters and bandages
– Antiseptic cream
– Paracetamol or any other appropriate painkiller, for headaches and stomach aches
– Thermometer


first aid holiday box


For more information on caravan window repairs, contact your local Cloudy2Clear branch today. We can also repair any handles, seals, hinges, and locks that you may have too.