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National DIY Day falls on Sunday April 2 this year offering the perfect opportunity to start those all-important DIY jobs around the house. Get your home set for spring and summer with our top tips for a DIY filled Sunday.


national DIY day


Give your home a face lift

Looking to give your home a bit of excitement and brighten it up? Start from the outside in. Simple fixes to the front of your home can offer a fresh spring feeling. Choose a bright colour to repaint your front door, add some ornate house numbers, invest in a new welcome mat, or add a touch of spring with a hanging basket.


give your home a facelift


Whip your garden into shape

Tackling the garden during the colder months isn’t everyone’s ideal weekend job, but now the weather is getting warmer and the ground is becoming easier to manage, it’s the perfect time to start completing some of those spring garden jobs. Check out our top tips for a beautiful spring garden here.


maintain your garden


Dress your windows

You don’t need a big budget to lift a room. If you’re looking to add some spring touches to your home, why not try dressing your windows to enhance them? Add light, floral fabrics with plenty of length and flow; heavy winter curtains will block out light and make your rooms feel smaller. Utilise flowers that are in season, such as daffodils, to add bursts of colour on a windowsill. Hanging crystals or placing mirrors on the windowsill will bounce light around your room too.


dress your windows


Maintain your guttering

After the rain and wind of the winter, gutters can often become clogged with leaves and debris that can turn to mush. This makes them inefficient and can cause more pressing problems further down the line. To ensure you clean your guttering safely and with care, use a sturdy ladder, wear heavy work gloves for protection, as well as wearing a pair of safety goggles or glasses to stop any debris that may accidentally fly up. Click here for a more comprehensive gutter maintenance guide.


clean the guttering


Get your view back

With (hopefully) better weather on the way, you’ll want to enjoy the sunshine to its full potential. Ensuring that your windows are clean and functioning allows you to appreciate the view and open them with ease. Take a look at our window maintenance tips for more information on how to do this properly. If you notice that even with vigorous cleaning, the glass is still cloudy or misty, it’s more than likely your double glazing has failed. Get in touch with your local Cloudy2Clear branch today to fix this issue for you.


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