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Top three window and door faults to look out for

Even with modern window products and materials, faults can be common. Although many issues are usually harmless and won’t affect the effectiveness of your double or triple glazing, some can become bigger problems in the future, so it’s important to look out for them and be aware when they need addressing.



Windows and doors not opening / closing properly or sticking

Although you may view this as an inconvenience more so that a serious problem, if you have difficulty opening your windows or shutting them, this may make them more susceptible to thieves. Even a slight gap in a window can catch a burglar’s eye; it’s simply not worth putting the job off.

uPVC windows and doors are notorious for expanding and contracting during very hot, as well as very cold, weather. In the UK, our weather conditions can change at the blink of an eye, so if your windows and doors are sticking uncharacteristically, it’s worth making a note of the climate before you make any assumptions about ongoing problems with your windows and doors.


bad weather affecting windows

However, most windows stick or don’t close properly because of the locks, handles, or hinges (and if you’re really unlucky, all three!). Not being able to open your windows properly can lead to poor ventilation throughout your home, which could lead to black mould and other unpleasant problems.


mould on windows

At Cloudy2Clear, we offer a comprehensive repair service for these particular assets; just contact your local branch today to arrange a free, no obligation quotation. We would recommend you call the experts before you try and fix any issues yourself, as sometimes this can worsen the problem and be more expensive in the long run.

Condensation between the panes

Not only can condensation between the panes of your double glazed windows affect your view, it can also affect the energy efficiency of your windows. It can be tempting to leave this kind of issue; after all, you might think it’s only the view from your window that you’re missing out on, but there are potentially more serious issues at stake.



Blown double glazing could lead would-be thieves to believe you’re lax with your security as you don’t look after your property as well as those who have faultless windows. Fully-working double glazing can actually be seen as a deterrent to criminals. You’re more likely to have a working alarm system and will have locked all your windows with keys.

Misty or cloudy double glazing, in the form of condensation between the panes, also could mean that you’re at risk of losing heat from your home, reducing energy efficiency, and potentially increasing your electricity or gas bills over the winter.


gas bills increase over winter

Dirty windows and window maintenance

We know – cleaning your windows inside, and especially outside, can be a laborious and time-consuming process and not something you’re going to look forward to doing. However, window maintenance is extremely important for ensuring the longevity of your double or triple glazing, as well as deterring burglars.

Clean windows are an indication that you look after your home, you’re up on your security, and you’re proud of your assets i.e. you’ve ensured that your home is protected.

You can read our window maintenance guide here for more information on how to prolong the life of your double or triple glazing.

To address the issues above, see our range of window services below:

Double glazing repairs
Insulating glass
Caravan window repairs
Locks, handles, and hinges

How long does double glazing last?

At Cloudy2Clear, we’re regularly asked the same questions about double glazing. These range from, ‘Is it efficient?’ to the wider, ‘Are the benefits that good?’. In short, both answers are a definite ‘Yes’. ‘How long does double glazing last?’ however, is slightly more complicated.

The general consensus on double glazing lifespan is estimated to be anything between 20 and 35 years depending on the supplier and the fitter. Others even suggest up to and above 40 years in some cases. At Cloudy2Clear, we confidently assure our customers of our professional work ethic and practices, and our product quality with a 25-year guarantee. As we only replace the pane, not the frame, the guarantee relates purely to the glass, not the PVC frame.

When modern double glazing was first introduced in the United States during the 1950s, it caught on relatively quickly. By the late 70s / early 80s, the trend had travelled across the pond to Britain. We’ve already seen the bulk of those windows come to the end of their life and need replacing, and now windows installed in the late 80s and early 90s are also in need of some tender loving care due to ill fitting, poor workmanship, and general wear and tear. Developments have also been made in window technology since their original introduction and represent a better product than before.


English street of terraced houses, without parked cars.


Expecting a double-glazing unit to survive for 30 plus years varies greatly dependent on location. Even though windows are designed to withstand the harshest weather, particularly exposed or open areas are more liable to succumb to adverse and challenging conditions. This can make some people consider triple glazing, however this is rarely needed in the United Kingdom. The best practice is to replace any failed double glazing.


Old Mining Town of Roros, Norway. A Unesco Heritage site.

In Scandinavia and northern Europe, triple glazing units are common place to help fight the fierce, cold and brisk weather to better insulate homes, the cost and benefits aren’t necessary to the more varied climate experienced in the majority of the United Kingdom. If you live in the UK, then expecting your double glazing to last 25 years is very reasonable.

Installing new double glazing is an investment for the future as it increases your homes energy efficiency and can help cancel out unwanted noise from outdoors. We also offer insulating glass to help keep your bills down and make your home a better and more efficient environment to live in.

If you want to take our offer of a free, no obligation quote, then please don’t hesitate contact us or read more about our double glazing repairs by visiting our dedicated page.

Top tips for selling your home this spring

We’ve created a quick five tip guide to selling your home this spring. April is one of the most popular months for selling property in the UK, so it’s vital that your house is as easy to sell as possible to capture the attention of would-be buyers.

selling home spring


Replace failed double glazing

Replacing failed double glazing is a great way of increasing value to your home and making it more appealing to potential buyers. Double-glazed windows not only secure your home, but also offer better insulation, additional soundproofing, and makes a home more energy efficient. It also protects household items from powerful UV light and reduces the risk of damage to household items. However, if your double glazing has failed, you can lose all the benefits – and potentially lose buyers.


Modern kitchens and bathrooms

A modern, refurbished kitchen or bathroom makes a home much more appealing to buyers. A small investment to upgrade these rooms will add some value and sale potential to your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a modern space; simply replace cupboard handles to instantly lift kitchen units, or add laminate floor to replace a faded bathroom carpet (that us Brits seems to love so much!).

A deep-clean of your oven and fridge can also be effective when showing potential buyers around. Although this is purely aesthetic, similar to replacing any failed double glazing, buyers can tell a lot from whether your kitchen has a clean oven or not – and a smelly fridge will instantly put viewers off.


sell you home modern kitchen


Let them browse

Allowing viewings to take their natural path is vital to a good experience. If you aren’t comfortable showing potential buyers around your home, contact the estate agent who will be more than happy to help. You might wish to be there to answer any specific questions, but you must be respectful of their opinions. Don’t rush people around and let them browse at their own leisure. If you loiter in each room, buyers may feel uncomfortable that they can’t say what they really feel.


De-clutter and tidy the space

You don’t have to completely redecorate or hide all your possessions for viewings, but it helps if you run the vacuum cleaner around and ensure that full bin bags and dirty washing up are put away. Sometimes it can be hard for potential buyers to see past mess and rubbish; a dirty house might indicate more serious issues down the line.

During viewing season, make sure you keep anything unnecessary tidied away, or even think about self-storage for larger children’s toys or worn furniture.


And finally… Flowers!

Flowers are a wonderful, quick and effective fix to brighten and freshen up your home. They add a splash of colour, an understated smell, and create a pleasant environment.

Check out our blog article on spring decorating tips for more advice on how to improve your home this spring. Although we can’t guarantee selling your house for you, we can certainly help you out and hope that you have found these quick ideas helpful.

Benefits of simple repairs to your property

Being a landlord carries multiple duties and legal obligations. In recent years, stories of unprofessional landlords have been rife. However, we know that most landlords in the UK do take a considered and proper approach, as well as caring for their properties and tenants appropriately.


landlord property repairs


These commitments don’t need to be hassle though, and they can be very easy to implement if planned, scheduled, or routinely checked. After all, if you prepare properly, you can often stop a problem before it develops. There are some relatively easy and simple measures that you can take as a landlord to make this manageable.

A lick of paint

A splash of fresh paint can go a long way to sprucing up a rental project. Sticking to neutral shades is a safe option as this gives your tenants the opportunity to add their own personality, with cushions, bed spreads, and ornaments. Between tenants, give the property a deep clean, gently clean the walls with a damp cloth, and get the paint out. It’s amazing how crisp and fresh the dwelling can become with minimal effort and will also aid you in filling the vacant property too.


Replacing any failed double glazing

Failed double glazing can be a real sore point in any home, not just rental properties. When potential tenants are viewing properties, they may be put off by certain elements, such as condensation on windows, mould in the bathroom, and worn carpets. Fixing these small, often cosmetic, issues that could potentially deter tenants, is an easy way to attract respectable and good occupants.


Check the plumbing and boiler

Keeping on top of plumbing and boiler issues is the responsibility of the landlord and not the tenant. There’s nothing worse than a faulty heating system as winter starts to close in. This time of year is ideal for replacing an older boiler and take pre-emptive steps before a major problem potentially arises. Take the opportunity to discuss any concerns with your tenant and get expert advice from a plumbing professional if it is called for.


landlord property repairs


Faulty locks, hinges and handles

Making sure that windows work and operate efficiently is important as they can provide good insulation, weather proofing, and reduce noise pollution.

In the modern home, anything that bends, manoeuvres, tilts, slides or twists etc, is likely to experience heavy wearing and ultimately break or distort. Whether that’s the complete fail of a lock, or just a partial, sticky handle, faulty mechanisms can be a real annoyance to both you and your tenant.

However, rather than letting a small squeaky hinge or jammed window handle become a headache, why not have a look at our services page and see what we can do for you. Repairing locks and window access will greatly put the tenant’s mind at ease in terms of security and safety too.

Ultimately having a good relationship with your tenant(s) is key to being a successful landlord. Even if the property has been in high demand previously, were you to lose your tenants for whatever reason, filling it again quickly isn’t guaranteed. Semi-regular, pre-arranged, non-intrusive inspections are a great way of interacting with your tenants and offer an opportunity to potentially identify any issues with the property before they arise.

We would recommend a visit every three months for short term tenants, and once every six for longer tenancy agreements. That stated, not visiting more than is necessary is a good golden rule to follow. It’s worth remembering that these visits need to be agreed at least 24 hours before, otherwise the tenants are legally allowed to refuse the landlord entry to the property. Furthermore, a landlord should be respectful of the tenants and either knock or ring the doorbell on the property before being allowed into the property.

If you require any assistance in regards to window repairs for your rental property, contact Cloudy2Clear today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Top spring decorating tips for your home

Spring is the perfect season to reinvent your home, but if you don’t know where to start, here at Cloudy2Clear Windows, we’ve outlined some simple tips for giving your home a lift and new burst of life. Share your own tips on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.



Dressing your windows correctly is a cornerstone of good interior design and can make or break a room. Understanding how to present your windows in the context of a room is vital as this is what gives it breathing space.

Letting the natural light flood in from outdoors brings a room to life and highlights the key objects that inhabit your lifestyle and home. In this context, nothing disappoints quite as much as failed double glazing. Ensuring that you are getting the best out of your windows, either to let the sunshine into your home, or to see a beautiful view is key to a happy lifestyle.

Windows needn’t just be functional and great insulators for your home. You can dress them in a variety of styles such as classic, contemporary, or modern. Your curtain choice deserves careful consideration, especially with the amount of options that exist. Have you entertained the idea of café style curtains? How about a top tie or single curtain? Maybe you fancy going radical and getting wooden blinds? The possibilities are endless.


Use of colour


Green shouts fresh, new, and exciting. It’s a great way to bring the outside in and recently a range of green tones have come back into the mix. From the light dulcet shades of mint to the brighter, bolder chartreuse, the gloriously retro statement of seafoam to the brooding hue of Sacramento, green as a colour is back – and we hope here to stay.

Use cushions, throws, painted furniture, or curtains to offer a scattering of green shades around your home, giving a clean, yet rustic, countryside feel instantly.


spring decorating tips



Yellow is a bold statement, but with so many different hues and shades, there’s an option for everyone. From mustard to canary, yellow lends itself superbly as a one-off statement piece, whether that’s a single armchair, chaise longue, or even a big seater sofa.

Yellow, being a primary colour, also lends itself to bold stripes extremely well. However, if you want to introduce yellow into your home in a subtler manner, pair it with a cream or ivory – not blue, black, or green. We’d hate for your bathroom to suddenly look like a football jersey!


spring decorating tips



Pastel colours aren’t only calming, they can also complement each other across a range of palettes and mix well in the same room.

Simplicity is key when using pastel colours as it allows them to exude their calming nature across your home. They mix well with natural light, which means keeping your windows clear and clean, then watch the light ooze through and spread over the gorgeous pastels.

Pastel fabrics can also be a great choice. Reupholstered antique furniture with dark legs contrast really well with light hazy blues and subtle pinks for a modern statement.

Alternatively, when paired with colourful floral bedding or scatter cushions containing a colour match, pastel curtains won’t just accentuate your windows and room height, the fabric will also turn your bedroom into the delightfully relaxing space that it should be.


spring decorating tips



Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is a great way of getting a classic, vintage feel into your house. A lovely floral print doesn’t just add intriguing detail into your home; what’s more, it doesn’t demand to be pondered or dominate a room.

Prints can often fall away into the background and be toned down by the addition of furniture, other colour choices, or even lighting options. For example, try rearranging your furniture slightly or putting a handsome floor lamp in the corner of the room to create a cosy sanctuary, where you can enjoy with a coffee, or glass of wine, and a good book.

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