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Cloudy2Clear Dumfries say you can have your cake and eat it!

birthday surprise cloudy2clear dumfries

Cloudy2Clear Cake!

James Watret, manager of Cloudy2Clear Dumfries and Carlisle was delighted to receive an extra special present for his birthday recently, his very own Cloudy2Clear birthday cake!

The cake (pictured above) was presented to him by his family as part of the celebrations, ‘I couldn’t believe it when they brought it in’, says James, ‘It was brilliantly put together and a complete surprise. They even managed to get all the writing in on the side of the van! Although I was rather chuffed that they couldn’t fit a candle for every year! I’ve always said to people that we’re very much a family business and I suppose this goes a long way to proving it as my family obviously feel very much involved.’

James has been running the Dumfries and Carlisle branch for 4 years now and the business is going from strength to strength, ‘I get an awful lot of recommendations from people I’ve done work for and their family and friends. We’re very straight with people and I think they appreciate that. I would also say that since starting I must have saved people in the area tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds when they realise that they don’t need a whole new window and that I can just replace the glass. It’s a great feeling being in a business that can offer that to people and it gives you a great feeling of job satisfaction and, it muct be said, personal prie. That must rub off on the family or they wouldn’t have done me the cake!

So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give James a call on 0800 61 21 119 and you may find that in terms of saving money on widow repair that you can, most definitely, have your cake and eat it…


Cloudy2Clear Devon Rides To The Rescue!

James Moncrieff - Cloudy2Clear Devon

James Moncrieff - Cloudy2Clear Devon

Cloudy2Clear have ridden to the rescue, yet again, of a customer who was about to pay too much money for double glazing repairs. Thanks to a quick response from our Devon operation we managed to save a local lady over £750!! Local manager James Moncrieff takes up the story ‘ The enquiry came from the daughter Ms Fitzpatrick – her mother Ms Wyatt had a clouded window and she had contacted a national Double Glazing Company who had visited and pressure sold her a replacement window.

The mother (an elderly lady)  told me that the salesman had started at £1500 and through various discounts reduced the price to £900 so long as she signed up and paid a deposit that day.

My price to her including VAT to replace the unit in Insulating Glass £146.40!

She had already paid a deposit of £180, fortunately she has now managed to get it back…’

Operations Manager Peter Chorlton comments, ‘It’s not an isolated incident. We hear about situations like this right across the country. Fortunately we insist on giving our customers the best value for money possible and we employ tradesmen, not salesmen. There’s no need to pressurise people like this poor lady has suffered. Our quotes take about 15 minutes to complete, on average, and the customer either wants the job doing or they don’t. This way of operating seems to be making us quite unique in the industry and it’s an approach that, not only are we very proud of, but it makes great business sense too as we get loads of repeat business from happy customers.’

So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged don’t have a double glazing salesman sat in your house until midnight. Give Cloudy2Clear a call for FREE on 0800 61 21 119 or complete our enquiry form by clicking here and one of our branches will pop round for a free, NO OBLIGATION quote. And a cup of tea if you are offering!

Cloudy2Clear Essex Opens With A Bang

Chris Miller - Cloudy2Clear Essex

It’s been a long time in coming, but the people of Essex and East London are now benefitting from their own local Cloudy2Clear branch. The company, famed for saving their customers money by replacing failed double glazing, opened it’s doors to the new area on 18th June and the response from the public has been welcoming to say the least.

Branch Manager Chris Miller has been delighted by the initial response, ‘We did a bit of seed marketing in the area the week before we opened and even that had the phone ringing. The company said before I joined that they new that there was a demand for our service but with us just starting out I really didn’t expect much if I’m honest. From day one I’ve been booked up with appointments and people just keep on calling. It’s a great start and I’m looking forward to helping people solve a problem at a price they can afford. Already in my first few calls I’m seeing how pleased people are when I tell them how little it will cost to replace their steamed up double glazing compared to new windows and it’s nice to know I’m providing something which makes them happy!’

Commenting on the new branch Marketing Director Martin Waite is keen to emphasise how they waited for the right man, ‘We’ve known for a while that this was an area which needed us. For a long time now we’ve been getting calls from Essex and East London from people who have seen our national advertising but they were just out of reach of out Ipswich branch. It would have been easy to stick anyone in there but we waited until Chris came along. We pride ourselves on customer service and customer care and giving that little bit extra to make the customer feel at ease. A lot of our customers are elderly and they need to deal with someone who they know will look after them. Chris fits that ethos perfectly and I think our new branch is going to be a resounding success.’

So, if  you live in the Essex or East London areas and you have double glazing which is steamed up, broken or damaged then call Chris FREE on 0800 61 21 119 or complete our contact form by clicking here and he’ll be happy to help!

Cloudy2Clear Northampton Mops Up Extra Customers With Anti-Condensation Glass

Trevor Skidmore - Cloudy2Clear Northampton

The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping and many people are now waking up to a problem that comes around at this time of year – that of condensation on the inside of their double glazing.  It’s an issue that can create real difficulties over and above unsightly water streaming down the inside of your windows as Cloudy2Clear Northampton branch manager Trevor Skidmore explains;

‘I’ve been to people’s houses where the internal condensation is that bad the water running from the glass is eating into their window sills and even their carpets causing damage running into hundreds of pounds. The effect is caused in the autumn and winter by condensation in the air hitting glass which is colder than the walls. This allows the water vapour to cool to a liquid overnight and this is what customers see in the morning. It’s not just your breath, many houses have a high humidity during the spring and summer but the temperature is higher so they don’t realise. It’s only when you get to October/November that the problem manifests itself and the glass is where it’s at it’s worst.’

As Cloudy2Clear only need to change the glass, leaving the existing frames in place, the cost is negligible in comparison to getting a quote from a double glazing company and Trevor is more than happy to change a small window or just the glass in one room to show homeowners the effect of the glass before they commit to anything more, ‘We recently did a job for Mr Coles in Northampton where we changed all the glass in his bedroom window to the new glass for a total cost of just £280 which included the materials, labour and a new 5 year guarantee. As is often the case, this was the worst effected room in the house, and Mr Coles wanted proof that the glass did what it said on the tin which is perfectly understandable. I had planned to contact him a few days later to see how he’d got on but he beat me to it!’

How did Mr Coles react? Trevor was delighted to receive the following message within days of the installation in the bedroom;

‘ Dear Trevor, I have to admit that at first I wasn’t convinced about you Anti-Condensation Glass until we tried it in the bedroom where we suffer terrible condensation in the mornings. I’m happy to report that, as promised, the new glass has, virtually in an instant, almost totally eliminated the problem and the worst we ever wake up to now is a tiny bead of water at the bottom of the glass. I’m really, really pleased. Can you please call round asap to measure up the rest of our bungalow. Thanks again, Mr Coles.’

Mr Coles now has windows which are condensation free thanks to Cloudy2Clear.  If, like him, you suffer from internal condensation and would like Trevor or any other of our branches nationwide to give your a FREE no-obligation quote then contact us by clicking here or give us a call on Freephone 0800 61 21 119 and your local manager will be more than happy to help.

Bristol Embraces Cloudy2Clear Windows

cloudy2clear bristol

Graham Bayley – Cloudy2Clear Bristol

The people of Bristol seem to be already taking one of our newest branches to their hearts. Cloudy2Clear Bristol, operated by branch manager Graham Bayley is experiencing rapid growth as word begins to spread that if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged that there’s a local branch ready to help.

Branch Manager Graham Bayley is delighted with the start the branch has made, ‘We’ve only been open a couple of months’,  he comments, ‘but it’s already obvious that the decision we made to open here is beginning to pay off. We started off well but enquiries shot through the roof in our second month and there’s no sign of that stopping. At the end of the day I’m more than happy to pop along and save people money on their windows – it’s what we do!’

Graham is also getting some great early feedback from his customers. Here’s what Mrs Brown in Little Stoke had to say after Graham recently carried out some work on her house:

‘I called Cloudy2Clear as I had a real problem with a window which, I have to say, I kept meaning to do something about but I always thought it would cost a fortune. Graham came out to see me, identified the problem and offered me the solution. Within a matter of days he had replaced the glass in my window and fitted 2 new hinges, all at the very reasonable price he had originally quoted and all with a new guarantee.

Graham was a complete credit to his company and I would be more than happy to recommend him to anyone. In this world people are very quick to ring and complain so when I get good service I make a point of calling back to let the people who have given it to me to make sure they receive the praise they deserve.’

You can’t argue with that sort of praise and it seems that Graham has found his niche in life, ‘It might sound a bit silly but the aspect of the job I really love is the people I meet every day. Everyone has their own story and I love hearing it! Of course it helps when you’re offering a service that means that your customers save a small fortune compared to having their windows replaced but I have to say that it’s not just that. We offer a service where we make sure we turn up on time, honour our quotes to the letter and clean up after ourselves. If I’m honest we also like to have a bit of a natter whilst we’re at it. It’s amazing how much those little things are appreciated in this day and age and I think the way the branch is growing is testament to that approach.’

Well done to Graham and if you live in the Bristol or Bath areas or indeed anywhere across the county of Somerset and you have windows which are steamed up, broken or dmaged then you can call Graham and the Cloudy2Clear Bristol team for a FREE quote on 0800 61 21 119 or visit our website at www.cloudy2clear.co.uk