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Ask Louis: The history of double glazing

history of double glazing


When was double glazing invented and who by?


Although there is no exact date on when the invention of double glazing came about or where it was initially used, but it seems that there is a good indication that it made an appearance within the late 18th century / early 19th century. A much cruder installation process back then, but it would have consisted of another sheet of glass being stuck to the original window, probably with putty.


When was double glazing first introduced into the UK?


As with many things, the US introduced modern double glazing to the masses first, in the early 1950s, with the UK following suit in the 1970s and 80s. Although window companies still existed before this, the emergence of double glazing didn’t arise until much later. From the 1980s onwards, double glazed windows were the standard for new UK homes, but even with this, to this day, there are still only 43% with full double glazing throughout the property.


How are double glazed windows made?


Double glazed windows are made by two separate panes of glass, which have a spacer bar in between them. This space is filled with either a gas or dehydrated air layer under vacuum conditions.


Why are they so effective?


The air or gas layer makes it extremely difficult for heat to escape, as it’s such a poor conductor. As I’ve mentioned before, over 20% of all heat loss escapes through your windows, so combatting this through double glazing (that’s in full working order) is effective and efficient.

However, when double glazing fails i.e. it becomes misted up or cloudy, it becomes ineffective and can cause an undue amount of problems, such as mould (because of excessive condensation) and loss of energy.

Read more about how double glazing works here.


What is the future for double glazing?


Some within the industry have suggested that triple glazing may become the norm, but personally, I don’t think triple glazing will take off in this country, as our factories are all set up for double glazing and this would mean a complete overhaul in manufacturing.

We don’t have extreme cold temperatures like they do in places such as Scandinavia. On another note, the benefits are not good enough to warrant having triple glazing instead of double glazing because there isn’t a big enough change in UV Value. Triple glazing is expensive and does not give you much more than an A-rated energy efficient window.


If you’re looking for more information about how double glazing works or if you’ve noticed that your windows have become cloudy or misted up, even dripping with water in the mornings, contact your local Cloudy2Clear branch for a free, no obligation quotation for double glazing repairs.

Why you should buy a franchise

Setting up, operating, and maintaining your own business can be hard work and stressful at times. Although there are several benefits that go alongside this, starting up your own company from scratch is incredibly difficult. In fact, some statistics have revealed that more than half of UK start-ups fail within five years.

owning a franchise


However, you can still have that level of independence and responsibility of running your own business, but with the support of an established and reputable company, by owning a franchise. With uncertainty around Brexit, an unstable economic future, and other contributing factors, there are numerous benefits to opening a franchise, rather than negotiating the risk of your own start-up.

We’ve outlined some of the main advantages of owning a franchise to help you make an informed decision.



One of the main reasons some people hold back from owning a franchise, and open their own business instead, is because of the fear of the lack of independence. But working with a recognised brand can provide you with business security, as well as giving you the freedom to make your own decisions. Whichever company you choose to franchise through, knowing that you have the backing and support of that business, gives you more independence to make bigger and more exciting decisions.


owning a franchise



Support is a huge factor when it comes to investing in a franchise. You are buying into a brand that is already succeeding and wants to prolong that success, so you can be sure that you’ll receive the right support from the brand. Being commercially minded and knowing the ins and outs of running a business doesn’t always come naturally, so it’s great to have the expertise and knowledge of a company to guide you along the way. See what one of our franchisees has to say about the support we provide:


Your reputation is important and so is that of the brand you’re franchising for. When you choose a franchise to open, you can enjoy the benefit of an established reputation from that brand, as well as marketing teams and legal departments who are keen to offer support wherever possible to ensure that brand name remains reputable.

owning a franchise


Reduced risk

As mentioned previously, starting a business from the ground up is difficult, expensive, and incredibly demanding; if you’re prepared to work hard, but work smart, then buying a franchise is often a much more beneficial idea. Seeing success stories of other franchise owners and knowing the business model from the get-go, allows you to gain a lot of insight into the running of the company and how this will fit around your own life. Check out what one of our own successful franchisees has to say about what attracted him to Cloudy2Clear:


We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the franchise process, to ensure your journey is as successful as it can be. Our level of experience ensures you have the business opportunities that you require, as well as fulfilling your own career aspirations.

owning a franchise


You can also see what our Operations Manager, Kirk Williams, has to say about being part of the Cloudy2Clear family in a recent Which? Trusted Traders article. Visit our dedicated franchise website.

Energy saving benefits of double glazing

With energy prices continuously increasing, UK homeowners, more than ever, are looking for cost-effective ways to improve energy bills. Winter is just around the corner and with that in mind, it’s important to ensure that homeowners address one of the biggest causes of heat loss in the home; windows.


energy saving advice


According to the Domestic Energy Fact File, around 83% of homes in England have some level of double glazing, with only 43% being fully double glazed. With over 20% of all heat loss escaping via windows, installing effective, high quality double glazing will aid energy usage in the long-run, as well as adding security and improving the appearance of your property. Take a look at more benefits of double glazing here.

One of the main aims of double glazing is to improve insulation throughout your home. Even if you have taken other energy improvement measures, such as updating your boiler, installing loft insulation or cavity wall insulation, ignoring a direct cause of heat loss i.e. your windows, can dramatically increase your energy bills. Quality double glazing improves insulation by trapping warm air in, reducing the risk of draughts, compare to that of single glazed windows.


energy saving advice


Double glazing is such a good insulator, as well as being more energy efficient that single glazed windows, you can upgrade to Argon gas in between the double panes. This creates a hermetically sealed atmosphere, which means nothing should be able to escape or enter the seal. Air and Argon gas are also very poor conductors of heat, as they have slow-moving molecules, which decrease the chance of convection.

However, if you do have double glazed windows, but are noticing an increase in draughts or are having to nudge the dial on your thermostat already this month, then you may need to replace certain window units in your home. It’s a simple and cost-effective way of ensuring all your windows are ready for the winter.

Double glazed windows, after installation, can potentially lose, on average, around 1% of the internal air or gas per year, but dependant on the quality of the products and installation, this can be a lot more. If you notice the appearance of water droplets or condensation in between the panes of your double glazed windows, this is a highly likely sign that your units have failed. Although there’s no cause for immediate alarm, replacing these failed units should be a necessity before the colder weather arrives, so that you can effectively save energy.


repair failed double glazing


If you’re concerned you may be losing energy because of failed double glazing, contact your local branch of Cloudy2Clear today for a free, no obligation quotation. We can advise of the best route for you to take, whether that’s replacing any broken locks, handles or seals too. We only replace the glass pane in your double glazed unit, rather than the entire frame, which saves you time and money. See how much you could potentially save with our infographic.

Ask Louis: Why does double glazing become cloudy?

Understanding why double glazing becomes cloudy is all part of our engineers’ job and discovering new reasons for the effects is part and parcel of everyday life for the Cloudy2Clear team.

We asked our operations manager, Kirk, for his expert opinion on why double glazing becomes cloudy or misted up in the first place – and what you can do to prevent it or repair it if the problem continues.

why does double glazing become cloudy?


Poor-quality fitting initially

Installation is probably one of the most important parts of preventing failed double glazing, as poor-quality fitting can lead to blown windows after less than a year after installation. Choosing a highly recommended window fitting company, with a solid reputation and experience gives you the opportunity to keep your windows intact for longer.

If you do discover failed double glazed units, which are more common after 10 – 15 years from the initial installation, Cloudy2Clear can replace just the pane of glass that has become misty, rather than the entire unit. Our glazing products also have a 25 year guarantee, ensuring that they’ll see you through for much longer.


why does double glazing become cloudy


Using inappropriate products

Often, failed double glazing can be prevented and human error can be the cause of the ineffectiveness of your windows. Using harsh, chemical products to clean your windows is unnecessary. Warm water and white vinegar is the perfect combination and leaves them sparkling for longer.

You can check out our window maintenance article for more top tips on preserving your double glazing, from preventing mould to keeping your hinges and handles running smoothly.


Seals become ineffective

Broken or faulty seals are a common cause of moisture collecting between double glazed panels. When this happens, condensation can appear, causing the window to either become misty, cloudy, or ‘blown’.

Windows can actually be affected by the weather, whether hot or cold, causing them to expand and contract. Although this won’t be visible to many homeowners, it illustrates why seals can break so easily, especially if they haven’t been installed properly or by using quality materials.


why does double glazing become cloudy


If you notice a break in your seals before you have cloudy double glazing, contact Cloudy2Clear today, as we can repair the seal before the pane becomes blown. This saves you time and money in the long run.



Dependent on when you had your windows replaced or fitted will determine how soon your double glazing may fail. If you’re not sure if you have any faulty seals or locks, contact your local branch of Cloudy2Clear today for a free, no obligation quotation.


Static caravan maintenance tips

Summer is finally here and that means it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy your static caravan. Whether you’re pitched in a picturesque village or have a sea view, your static caravan or park home is your pride and joy, and maintaining it properly will provide you with years and years of beautiful holidays and breaks away.


We’ve outlined some of our most helpful maintenance tips to keep your static caravan looking spick and span.


static caravan


Clean the gutters
Having effective drainage on your caravan or park home is important. Water can lie on the roof and cause serious problems if there’s nowhere for it to run into. Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis, especially if your static caravan or park home is situated under trees, is the most effective way to prevent water build-up and avoid any damp issues.


Sweep the roof
Again, build-up of mulch and leaves on the roof can potentially cause problems in the future, as well as damaging the roof materials. Ensure you stay safe when completing this job however, by using an extending brush and having someone on hand to help out.


Clean the outside
Regularly clean the outside with warm water and detergent to remove any animal waste or tree sap, as this can damage your caravan. You should also make sure you treat any decking areas properly with a strong wood stain.


caravan maintenance


Look after the chassis
A rusty chassis is a common problem for static caravan owners and usually the first part of the caravan to fail, so ensuring that you regularly check and repaint your chassis can prevent any future problems. This is because corrosion can occur, especially if you’re located next to the seaside.


static caravan chassis


Repair any failed double glazing
Static caravans can be costly to run, especially if you enjoy a few winter breaks every now and again and need to keep warm. Having any failed double glazed units within your static caravan or park home can increase heat loss dramatically, as well as ruining the aesthetic appeal too.


Replace stiff or broken locks
Security is extremely important and, as this is your home away from home, you treat it as you would your normal house. Ensuring that any window locks, handles, or hinges are repaired, whether they’re stiff or broken, keeps your possessions safe and reduces heat escaping.


double glazing repairs


If you have any window issues with your static caravan or park home, Cloudy2Clear have branches up and down the country. Find your local branch today and contact us for your free, no obligation quotation.